Elegant Wedding Locations Ideas

Elegant Wedding Locations Ideas are a combination of wonderfully traditional ideas or being casually elegant and chic.

I have a thing for slightly off the mark, unusual or wonderfully traditional. Perhaps I believe in extremes, you either remain in the purest form or you add whimsical eclectic spins to it.

Browsing a million wedding websites has gotten my eyes a little dizzy.

I think the location is the first place to start when planning a wedding. While everyone have different budgets, we certainly can still achieve an elegant wedding.

Be sure to:

1) Keep in mind your wonderful gracious guests - the convenience of location. (Getting there, ample parking etc)

2) The aesthetics of the place as I mentioned earlier in Elegant Wedding Style

3) If it has a special meaning to you both (otherwise, it will from the day you get married there!)

Alright, let's get to the fun part...

Here is the list: Elegant Wedding Location Ideas

1. A beautiful rustic old house.


2. Beach side Chapel


3. Any beautiful place with high ceilings


4. Near the snowy mountains


5. Marquee or tent weddings are always classic.


6. In Tropical Garden


7. Vintage mansion


8. White platform anywhere


9. Hotel with white walls

Where you can dress it up with white drapes, tulle if logistics are a challenge for you.


10. Vineyard


11. Anywhere lovely in the evening

Night time wedding dressed with candles, tea-lamps and sparklers!


Other beautiful places...your own backyard, museum, an old cheesecake factory, in the park, at the beautiful garden of a restaurant, under a big oak tree, at a ranch, beside a lake, at an old school, at a beautiful aquarium.

Let our imaginations run wild!

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Wedding Locations Ideas'!

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