The Elegant Woman You'd Like to Be

Dear elegant woman (you!),

Who is the Elegant Woman you'll like to be? What elegant aspirations do you have? What is the dream for your life?

Whenever I have a little trouble sleeping (probably from thinking too much), I go to my happy place - my dreams where I decide on what I love, who I dream to become, what I'll like to do etc.

So I'd thought I'll document some of my dreams. They make me happy! Tell me yours too!

The Elegant Woman I'll Like To Be

I dream of being invited to elegant parties, where I get to dress up and meet really good, quality people.

I dream of having a Women's ministry, where I can serve women of God and be an ambassador for my wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus.

I dream to have my hair done in an elegant hairstyle ALWAYS, in many different ways, up or down but being able to wear my hair elegant all the time.

The elegant woman I'd like to be would have a strong core, resulting in perfect posture all the time, when sleeping, eating, walking, talking.

The elegant woman I'd like to be would have a routine of dance, playing the piano, reading time and learning a language.

She prays all the time. In one or two sentences per prayer, she 'mutters under her breath' to the Lord.

The elegant woman I'd like to be would speak and write the most perfect language and adopt two other languages.

I'll like to be able to be comfortable in various cultures and be well travelled.

I would like a social circle of friends that I'm inspired by, admire and have similar interests.

The elegant woman I'd like to be would be an influence over society and in her own world.

She would have an elegant home, well-dressed and loved.

She would partake of food elegantly and never rush.

The elegant woman I'd like to be delights in memories and makes effort to create them.

The elegant woman I'd like to be would be well read.

Her car would be clean and neat.

She would have a respectable job, changing lives, impacting people.

She is an unconventional mother.

She has a strong set of admirable values.

She would never worry about money, or anything.

She is generous with others but thrifty with herself.

She is a giver.

She has a loving relationship with her husband. She is the elegant wife.

She has well behaved children who love her and respect her.

She has a good relationship with extended family.

She manages her life well, with peace, not with corporate efficiency. She does not appear to be busy. She does not appear stressed.

The elegant woman I'd like to be has a pleasant, lovely countenance. She does not have harsh expressions on her face (I heard it is good for preventing wrinkles too!)

The elegant woman I'd like to be does not voice strong opinions, such as 'hate' or 'I can't stand' or, 'I can't take it anymore!'. She is mild and meek. She knows some opinions should be kept to herself.

The elegant woman I'd like to be is one who enjoys entertaining elegantly. She throws the occasional dinner party and foots the bill!

The elegant woman I'd like to be never interrupts. She makes an effort to listen to the conversation and perceive the real meaning. In negative conversations, she chooses to see the need behind the fault.

The elegant woman I'd like to be is gentle in her speech. She does not have two manners of speaking - one to outsiders and one to her family.

The elegant woman I'd like to be is one who does not have excessive things, but a small collection of beautiful, amazing elegant clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry.

The elegant woman I'd like to be is well dressed, appropriately and elegantly. She wears a more casual elegant style at home, not shabby ones and wears good pajamas to bed. She wears elegant dresses in the day and elegant gowns for evening events.

The elegant woman I'd like to be does not seek publicity or press. She remains humble in limelight. While she may rise to public profile, she is careful to not come across pretentious and remain down to earth.

The elegant woman I'd like to be is not interested in fashion, that does not mean she is out of date, she just is faithful to the classics with the occasional trend thrown into the mix.

She takes care of her body by sleeping well and eating well.

She knows her food but does not bother to talk excitedly about which restaurant has the best whatever. She appreciates every opportunity to dine well.

She aims to make people around her comfortable and happy.

She is thoughtful.

She finds routines peaceful.

She does not fuss nor get embarrassed.

She does not talk too much.

She does not tell what is not hers to tell.

She does not asks inappropriate questions.

She is calm and composed all the time.

She delights in beauty. She takes time to create beauty all around her.

She is positive, believes the best in herself and others. She does not give in to guilt, negativity and shuts off having bad thoughts about others.

If someone is rude, she'll just be annoyed for just a second but be quick to dispel it. She understands the importance of focusing on happy things, what makes her happy, thus she always has a spirit of gratitude.

She is epitome of elegance and good taste.

This is my own brand of elegance, ever changing, evolving. This is my dream! She is my epitome of elegance.

When I dream about her, I go to sleep with a smile on my face and wake up with new inspiration for my day.

Maybe you feel inspired. Write your own here!

Thank you for reading 'Elegant Woman You'!

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