The Elegant Woman Project

Some Questions For You

  • Do you wish to become more elegant?

  • Have you wondered why the world was more elegant in dressing, manners twenty or more years ago?

  • Do you love vintage things because it is more elegant?

  • Do you value simplicity?

  • Do you vow to yourself that you would raise your child to be a lady and gentlemen?

  • Do you want to gain more self confidence?

  • Do you wish to refine yourself, your tastes, mannerisms, way of going about life?

  • Do you wish to be more respectable in your community?

  • Do you absolutely hate rudeness? As well as greed, people and organizations taking advantage of others?

  • Do you also wonder why no one is on time anymore?

  • Do you wish the world to be a kinder, more gracious place?

If so, then join The Elegant Woman project by staying connected to! I'm so happy to have you join us. Welcome!

The Elegant Woman Project is

  • a personal stand and commitment to be elegant and live elegantly
  • about inspiring other elegant women
  • about learning how to be elegant, to be gracious
  • and to have a deep sense of self confidence
  • to appreciate beauty and learn to be beautiful
  • to increase the level of elegance in your life
  • discover the secrets of the quiet confidence of prominent elegant women like Audrey Hepburn.
  • to have poise and good posture
  • to be highly skilled in the elegant arts e.g. elegant dressing, decorating, being a good host, elegant entertaining and socializing.
  • how to embrace your femininity and its magnificence.
  • to be committed to raising children to become ladies and gentlemen.
  • to have a great elegant relationship or marriage
  • to be a lady, the kind of woman a gentleman wants
  • to not compromise and have a rich life with family and beloved friends.
  • to work for a Cause greater than oneself

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    This is my dream and my own brand of elegance. It is my elegant aspiration. What about you?

    Thank you for reading 'The Elegant Woman Project'!

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