Embarrassing gift

by Cara

I just had surgery & was out of work over Thangsgiving. My boss called and said the staff wanted to drop a basket for me.

I was very happy that they thought of me & felt appreciated.However when the gift was delivered it included a lot of canned foods in a laundry basket.

Some of the cans were dusty, over half of the items were expired & the coupon for a turkey was expired also.

I was very dissapointed & felt this was a reflection on what they thought of me. It looked like everyone went through their pantry & got rid of stuff.

A box of pasta had an expiration date of 2004. I gave most of the stuff to the local food pantry,but not the expired food of course. I am still upset about this & my question is Do I need to send a thank you card when I am not thankful ?

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Dec 27, 2011
Thank-you for shoddy gift NEW
by: Dandelion

I have to disagree with the other posters here--take the high road. You do need to send thank-you's even if you're not thankful--that's not the point. The point is to recognize that someone gave you a gift.

Send a short note saying it was an pleasure to hear they were they were thinking of you and wanted to send a gift (true). Don't mention that you donated or threw away the items (though it's perfectly fine that you did so).

Jul 14, 2010
by: LA

Absolutely not! That is awful and don't you dare send a thank you. It's much better if they had gotten you a simple card.

Jan 25, 2010
Thanks are always required...
by: Annnie

It's the way that you word your thanks that will get your message across. "What a thoughtful surprise it was to find that you were aware of my passion to help the poor. The donation I was able to give to the our local food pantry brought more joy to my heart than words can express."

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