Etiquette Charm Finishing School

The Relevance of Etiquette Charm Finishing Schools Today

The real and proper finishing schools with full curriculum and credited diplomas are diminishing. Many institutes that offer day and week courses are now using and selling their services under the same name.

From Wikipedia,

While the term "Finishing School" should only be used by authorized vocational institution who issue legitimate qualifications, the term has been growing in popularity by etiquette schools, small women's colleges, cultural training programs and some cross-dressing enthusiasts.

Since the 1960s, many of these schools have become defunct as a result of financial difficulties stemming from parents' decreased interest in paying for such an education for their daughters.

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But does that matter?

I thought about the etiquette lessons my CHIJ convent girls school inculcated into my school curriculum. Was I grateful for them?

Yes indeed. It served as a foundation where I would later expand my interest.

Etiquette Charm Finishing Schools

What Do They Teach?

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They teach us and our daughters a refined way of conducting ourselves.

Depending on the duration and the intensity of those courses, girls are taught how to sit, stand, walk. How to speak, the art of conversation. Also, the proper way to set a table. In some prestigious finishing schools, they learn french, intern how to host a luncheon, a tea, a coffee, dinner and charity balls. They also learn how to dance, dress and conduct themselves.

finishing school teaches little girls traditional midsummers dance
Starting little girls young.

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Benefits of Etiquette Charm Finishing Schools

They turn young women into confident ladies.

They prepare these ladies of the latter part of their lives, for being good wives and mothers.

Especially if these ladies end up marrying high profile or influential men.

They would require their wives to carry themselves elegantly, learn how to hold themselves well, manage the social part of his lives which are part of their vivid business or influential lives.

In some schools, they learn about nutrition, how to cook, how to keep a budget, how to manage a household.

In this day and age where mothers are used to keeping a full time job despite having children. These children do not witness mothers cooking, doing housework or managing a household.

It helps a young girl to grow with her self esteem all the way till she becomes a woman of a marriageable age. She faces the road ahead with self assurance.

ladies and gentlemen dancing
Dancing with ladies and gentlemen.

Etiquette Charm Finishing Schools

A little History From "The Guide to Elegance"

Before 1914, the education of young girls was exclusively designed to teach them how to win and hold a man.

Once a young man had been captured in the web patiently woven by a doting mother, instruction in cooking and good housekeeping, in order to retain exclusive rights to the young man's affections - and to his income.

Etiquette Charm Finishing Schools

Do We Need To Sign Ourselves Up?

I wish that all of us can sign up, just to gain a little bit more guidance and self-growth.

I've looked at various programs. First of all, most of them are expensive. Second of all, how many of us have the time to take out from our schedules, check ourselves in Switzerland for a year or London for even a month?

Ultimately, remembering the purpose of these etiquette charm finishing schools are to prepare us for life, to provide for ourselves and our family a more elegant way of life, therefore I've put together a study of the curriculum offered by this schools and hope to offer them right here.

Meanwhile, before I get ahead of myself, I've decided to focus on building this site so it will be awhile before programs commence.

Not to say the least but many of the pages here are summaries and will be expanded on in 'the finishing school' programs in the future! In other words, many of the topics of these pages are taught in finishing schools.

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Thank you for reading my page on Etiquette Charm Finishing School!

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