Etiquette of Clapping

by Michele McKenzie
(Northern California)

Last night I watched a gala at the Kennedy Centeer. I was appalled when Mrs. President Obama clapped with both hands for all of the people being touted, lauded, etc. I was reared to believe that A LADY uses her left hand in stasis while gently striking it with her own right hand. Am I incorrect AND have others remarked upon this behavior?

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Aug 09, 2016
uhhh NEW
by: Anonymous

I just wanna hear clappin from a woman. That ll get me hard

Oct 15, 2015
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by: Jennie S. Florian

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Sep 29, 2014
etiquette of clapping NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 03, 2013
Amy Vanderbilt Agrees NEW
by: Tru Keesey

In Amy Vanderbilt's book on etiquette, you are right. The man claps both hands together, the woman claps into a still hand.

Aug 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Was the first lady wearing a hoop skirt and a corset? Get with the new millenium. . . I think it's nice that the first lady gets into it and shows her hearty appreciation for the arts.

May 03, 2012
I agree! NEW
by: Nancy

I didn't witness what you saw, but see it routinely at the much so, that I began to wonder if I was incorrect in thinking that for women, the left hand is stationary and the clapping motion is made with right hand. I am glad to see that someone else thinks as I do! Thank you!!

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