Fascinating Womanhood Week One

There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming - to shed joy around, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny and the very spirit of grace and harmony. Is not this to render a service? - Victor Hugo
Readings for this week: Chapter One (Celestial Love), Chapter Two (The Ideal Woman)

Find A Beautiful Key

Fascinating Womanhood Key

Find a beautiful key and place it somewhere you would see it everyday. It could be a picture an old vintage key, or a 'key' necklace.

When you look at your key, remind yourself that you hold the key to my your happiness. We are responsible for our own happiness.

Make Your Love Booklet

Use a blank notebook that you'll keep forever and make it your Love Booklet. It is a diary where you write in little actions of loving or warm responses you get from putting what you learn into practice.

Assignment One

Copy and paste it into the form below. Click SEND to submit your assignments.

Describe your marriage and how satisfied with it.

Extremely Happy, Very Happy, Happy, Mediocre, Unhappy, very Unhappy, Desperately Unhappy

Write down your goals for your marriage or what you wish it to be. If You are extremely happy, you can write out your own personal goals about yourself.

Write down some good things about yourself in these categories:

Fascinating Womanhood Chart
  • Physical Attributes
  • Home Making Skills
  • Character Traits
  • Personality Traits
  • Achievements
  • Talents, skils, Abilities
  • Virtues as a Mother

Who are you more like, Agnes or Dora?

And in what way?

Review the Ideal Woman Chart From the Man's Point of View
Place the chart somewhere that you'll see it regularly.

Do a self-evaluation and write down,
Angelic Qualities you have:
Angelic Qualities you lack:
Human Qualities you have:
Human Qualities you lack:

How To Submit Your Assignment

Cut and Copy the Assignment into the Form below, then fill out your answers and click SUBMIT.
FW Assignment Submission
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
E-mail Address*
Cut & Paste your assignment and fill in your answers below

Please enter the word that you see below.


All done? Thank you very much, you'll be hearing from me soon. :)
Thank you for reading this Fascinating Womanhood Week One!

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