Fascinating Womanhood
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I've been working with Fascinating Womanhood material for a decade. The results are amazing for my personal life, relationships with my husband and men in general.

I have learnt how to have a fantastic marriage and committed relationship. It has also worked on my personal self confidence and family life.

If you are not yet married, you can still do this course to get a foundation of selecting a good partner. My pastor once said, "a good marriage is the closest thing to heaven on earth and a bad marriage is like hell."

Personally, I can vouch for that because from the years of study, I have become the woman I wanted to be and found the man of my dreams and am happily married.

You can check out the official website of Fascinating Womanhood here.

They also have online classes and you are encouraged to take them too if you are looking for group support. Sometimes we just need the assurance that we are not the only ones.

Benefits of their class:

It is a group of 30 more women so you may find encouragement that you are not struggling alone. You'll get a personal paragraph of your email assignment each week. Other women in the group may answer your questions that you pose to the instructor.

If you are looking for group support, it is better to take their class. You may sign up on their homepage.

If you rather go through the book in detail, get summaries, get answers to your assignments or enroll in a private class where there is absolute confidentiality, the Fascinating Womanhood Course offered on elegantwoman.org

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Success Stories From Fascinating Womanhood

From page 59:

Found the 'Old Love'

I didn't have to act the part; I felt it, and my life has changed. I am back home with my husband and we have found that 'old love' definitely renewed and we both look forward to a bright future. Tell the women from me not wait until it is too late to apply the teachings. There is no age limit for these principles. What have you got to lose? Believe me, it works!

It is Up To Us To Make It Work

I feel a person either wants to make a marriage work, or she doesn't. After ten years, I still wanted mine to work, so I have tried hard to live Fascinating Womanhood. I read the book last summer and started trying it. My husband is still wondering what kind of pill I was taking. 'Whatever it is,' he said, 'I hope they don't run out.' I know and believe that F.W. works. My husband hasn't spoken a cross word to me for months. He comes home earlier than he has in years. In the last six months his earnings have increased each month. He can't seem to do enough for me. I could go on and on. I have never been happier or had a happier family. I know that your bread comes back not only buttered, but with a little jam on it.

The Years That the Locust Had Eaten

Marriage, for me, at age twenty was an arrangement in which I could begin to change my new husband into the man I wanted him to be and get out of it all that I possibly could. I have been taught that marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition and that I was to do all that I could to be sure that my part of the proposition was secured.

Seven stormy years later I begin to view the shambles had created, a very unhappy belligerent husband who had retreated into himself and children that reflected the home situation. I begin to ask the Lord what was worn, and slowly but clearly as I searched the Scriptures I began to see the wonderful role that God had created for the woman in being a helpmeet for her husband and of his place of leadership in the him. Mental assent was given to these truths; yet as to how to put them to practice eluded me. Some improvement was made in our home situation, but my husband remained behind his wall and after a long period of time, I became very discouraged and began to doubt the truths I had previously learned.

At this point I heard about the Fascinating Womanhood course, feeling that this would perhaps give some of the answers I longed and prayed to know. Within six weeks, I sought to put into practice what was being taught and saw my husband begin to shower attentions upon me, so by the end of six weeks our life together was sweeter and richer than it was on our honeymoon.

Whereas before I was occupied with his faults, now these same faults somehow were the points I could actually admire, finding myself in the freshness of a new love for him. He began to tell me that he loved me for the first time in years. Since then our life together is continuing to improve and grow in fellowship. For the first time I feel satisfied and fulfilled as a woman with much thanksgiving for the wonderful gift of womanhood God has given to me and to all women.

It is written in the book of Joel, 'I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten

... and you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God that has dealt wondrously with you.' (Joel 2:25, 26)

I can say with all confidence that this promise is being fulfilled in my life as by the strength of Christ I continue to put into practice the principles in the Scriptures and amplified in Fascinating Womanhood.

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