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    Finishing School For Women of All Ages (Online Program)

    High Society Secrets

    Elegant Woman's

    Online Finishing School

    I am about to enter the next stage of my life. So I wrote down and developed a program for myself to self-train.

    The inspiration for this is from Queen Esther in the bible, before she was made queen, she was trained and prepared with help before being presented to the King.

    If we were to expect the finer things in life, why not devote yourself more time and attention into improving your graces to feel comfortable in luxury?

    Beautiful elegant women were not born that way. Some may have more aptitude than others, but everything is taught whether knowingly or unknowingly, by example, their mothers, a trainer, books, keen interest, eye and observation.

    Sometimes we admire what others have but we don't realize that certain things did not come easy. You can't inherit graces and everyone starts by imitating.'s Finishing Schools

    Beginning - Fill in the form

    Download this form - The Dream Me.

    When I was a child, I had many dreams that I was a princess. I was always running around in a large castle, playing in the garden, sometimes barefoot.

    While I don't dream to be a princess anymore, I dream of a greater life, a finer life. A life with beautiful things and luxury. I don't think its any thing wrong to dream. Neither do I think it is materialistic. It is only materialistic when you live to gain more possessions.

    I also dream of a world where everyone is kind and lovely, generous and giving. It is easier to be giving and generous and you can do so much more when you have much.

    I dream of a beautiful family, relationship, social life. I would have my dream house and invite my closest friends over for tea often.

    The dream starts with first being aware at where you are at and where you want to go.

    How do we do that?

    Well first, download the form and start filling in the blanks. Take as much time as you need. Change it whenever you need.

    Remember, who is the woman you want to be?

    As for me, I love the whole idea of being truly lovely, kind, beautiful outside and within, elegant and being a lady. I want to feel comfortable in that world, in the midst of luxury and importance or with someone from a different culture, background.

    etiquette proper table setting- formal's Finishing Schools

    Habits & The Daily Routine

    I simply assume that you would like to be the best that you would be, otherwise you wouldn't be here. So I'm just going let you all have it! Just like how I do to myself too.

    Habits work much harder than we do.

    We need to inculcate very good habits from the very beginning. It does not matter how old you are, we can start anytime.

    1) Personal Hygiene 2) Personal Grooming (clothes are ironed, eyebrows tweezed, facial hair removed, leg and under arm removed, arm hairs removed if they are very obvious, hair not dyed to an unnatural colour, roots attended to every 6 weeks)3) Daily Reading of the Bible, Speaking in Tongues, Speaking Blessings,4) Exercise (an exercise program that you do daily)

    The Habit of Personal Hygiene:

    (Bathe, Wash your face twice, Brush your teeth, Floss, Tone, Moisturize, Sunscreen)

    Do you do this everyday?'s Finishing Schools

    Graceful Movements

    Take a video of yourself talking, speaking, walking, sitting, arm movements.

    Do this every week.

    Practise smiling and laughing in the mirror.

    Take a video of yourself doing so.

    Practice taking a good photo. Understand what looks good and what doesn't.'s Finishing Schools

    Interacting with Others

    Others come first

    You are not interesting.

    Never keep talking about yourself.

    Ask polite and appropriate questions.'s Finishing Schools

    Dinner Table Manners

    Learn the different cuisines and different table manners.'s Finishing Schools

    Your Elegant Wardrobe's Finishing Schools

    Learn to keep a home.'s Finishing Schools


    1) Balls & Charity Events2) Dinner Parties3) Cotillion4) Sporting events's Finishing Schools


    1) Tennis2) Golf3) Skiing's Finishing Schools

    Food & Wine

    1) Cuisines2) Wine3) Cocktails's Finishing Schools

    How to Entertain, How to Throw a Charity Event


    Thank you for visiting Finishing School!

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    "A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart."

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