Formal Evening Pageant Gowns

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me in a beauty-pageant gown that I designed
In a red gown I designed.
It's my little hobby.

In my research of pageants dresses, I have found them a tad old fashioned.

I've found that they age beautiful pageant girls.

There's too much going on in the dress, too much bling, unflattering necklines, dated colors and designs.

Well, there is evidence that fashion in beauty pageants are slowly becoming modern, and more in line with what's on the catwalk. (Though I'm sure we would all agree that very few of clothing on the catwalk is elegant or wearable.

If you are picking a gown, be sure that they fall within the principles of elegant style.

How to Choose A Gown?

Factors to Consider When Picking an Evening Gown

  1. Complimentary colors for your skin tone

  2. Your personality

  3. How comfortable you are in the clothes

The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.

People should not see the dress first before you. That means, the dress should act as a 'frame' to present you to the world. Some dresses make you see it, rather than the person.

I've handpicked these dresses. If you want to see who designed it, click on the picture.

See also evening pageant gowns.

A Modern Twist

These formal evening pageant gowns and dresses feature a modern twist, with a pop of color.

The one to the left is by Oscar De La Renta and one of my favorites.

I actually tried it on! But the color did not suit my skin tone. It is a beautiful dress though.

The next one is by Roberto Cavalli.

The one to the extreme right is made by Valentino. Though he is known for his signature red, this yellow looks fantastic!

Old Hollywood Glamour

Formal Evening Pageant Gowns in Old Hollywood Glamour styles. You can choose similar styles in pageant or prom dresses that feature an old world elegance.

One of the best gown designers for this style is none other than Oscar De la Renta! (I love him!) He makes the most beautiful and elegant clothes.

Bling & Glitz Pageant Dress

Too much bling makes formal evening pageant gowns look dowdy and old. However, bling can be used elegantly. It adds glamour, sophistication to elegance.

Here is a modern take!

Soft, Romantic and Elegant

Sometimes, fashion can be too hard. Bring back the softer styles. These girls pageant dresses are sweet but...not too sweet.

Marchesa is an excellent designer for these styles.

Dramatic Pageant Gowns

Drama, excitement makes the world sit at the edge of their seat.

Those kind of qualities are great for formal evening pageant gowns, like when everyone sees an ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan for the first time.

I'm usually not a fan of ball gowns because they have a 'dated' look, but I've found these dramatic modern gowns which retained its classic elegant style elements.

Perfect for making a statement.

Extra Tips For Picking The Right Dress

  1. Get yourself colour charted. Understand what are your best colours.

  2. Then get a thorough assessemnt of the most flattering necklines for YOUR body type. Everyone is not built the same.

  3. Don't forget to consider your hairstyle.

  4. Remember the your 'height' when choosing your shoes and remember how it will affect the length of your gown. (Get it altered if necessary).

  5. Oh, and don't forget to practice good posture!

See more Beauty Pageant Tips

Choosing the right dress is probably one of the most important things for beauty bageant girls. (It's almost like picking a wedding dress!)

The best book on Beauty Pageants I believe is by Ginie Sayles.

All the best in picking the right dress!

Thank you for reading 'Formal Evening Pageant Gowns'! I completely loved writing this page. I got to indulge myself in searching for the best dresses for this page.

Go back to Elegant Dresses.

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