French Girl as Hostess

French Girl As Hostess (Adaption from the book Entre Nous)

"She could dominate a room from a footstool..." Diana Vreeland about Pauline De Rothschild.
coco chanel, french parties

When a the French girl fetes, she's got her best stuff out there.

As a guest, she's dressed with distinction. Conversation is a place where knowledge and charm converge. She never phones in her appearance at a party - she's invested in her own pleasure and in the impression she makes on others.

The fete is an opportunity to flex her femmes, to catch a whiff of fresh air in the form of new acquaintances (especially men) and to catch up with friends and family.

As a hostess, all of the French girl's essential qualities come into play at her party: Her discretion informs all of her choices. If it's her show, she is the composer.

She's taken all the time in the world to elaborate the nuances of her fete, with only quality in mind. This is reflected in her attention to the tiniest details, from the flowers on the table to the chill of the champagne.

Nobody is rushed, particularly the French girl herself. The sensual ambiance at the table - the intimacy of guests clustered closely around a table brimming with fragrant warm food: the steam and smoke, the whole voluptuous tenor of it all - and the liveliness that comes with raucous, intelligent conversation, makes the French girl's dinner party intensely gratifying.

The sign of a successful French fete? Nobody leaves. You can almost hear the distant rumble of garbage trucks before the sated and exhausted guests part ways.

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