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10 Tips for Fresh Breath
How not to rely on Fresh breath drops

Save money on fresh breath drops! 10 tips for fresh breath. Tips you can start using today to keep your breath fresh and clean.

Tooth Soap!

Keeping your breath fresh is such an important thing especially it is key to having a great smile and great conversation, not to mention that you'll be a much yummier person to kiss.

For all those who didn't have anyone to tell you, here are some ways to have a yummy fresh breath!

  1. Keep your Tongue Clean

    Gently clean it after brushing your teeth. You may use your toothbrush to brush your tongue or use a gentle tongue cleaner.

  2. Drink more water

    The drier your mouth, the worse your breath! Eat when you're hungry, otherwise your mouth turns dry too.

  3. Keep calm

    Stress actually increases bad breath!

  4. Avoid fresh breath drops, breath mints or any gum that contains sugar.

    This varies from person to person, but it does make your breath worse in the long run.

  5. Moderate your intake of high protein foods

    High protein foods induces higher amounts of bacteria which intensify bad breath.

  6. Blow your nose more often.

    Excess mucous causes bacteria to flourish, causing bad breath.

  7. Don't use toothpaste that has Sodium Lauryl Suffate.

    This has a drying mouth effect.

  8. Avoid coffee, diet drinks and stress.

    All these increases the dry mouth effect which leads to bad breath.

  9. Stop smoking.

    Enough said!

  10. Avoid using products that have alcohol content.

    It stimulates the growth of sulfuric compound VSC and thus bad breath.

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