The Fine Gentlemen

Though my focus is on women, I write this because I have a dream of marrying a gentleman, as well as raising my boys to be absolute gentlemen.

A respectable gentlemanly appearance is just as important for men as a feminine elegant appearance is for women.

These are the SHOULD NOTS:

- Men should never be flashy or loud in their dressing with fashionable spikey hair or prints. 'Funky' and 'cool' may be quite vulgar.

- adorn any sort of vulgarity in words or prints on their T-shirts.

- Wear any sort of jewelry including metal bracelets but their wedding band and wristwatch.

- Wear trousers that are too tight, shorts that are too short unless running or in a gym.

- Shirts that are too tight, or T-shirts that are too tight such that you can see make out the shape of every curve of their muscles.

He should know what is appropriate to wear for every place and occasion. He should have no smell unless very close (which he should smell nice), have clean and short fingernails, clean clothes and shoes, and most certainly pressed or polished.

He should sport short hair, in a clean, classic and professional-looking style.

If wearing a shirt, he should pay attention to his collar, ensuring they are clean, strong and sits well on his shoulders, framing his neck and face.

Everything else, from his jacket, to his bag, his wallet - not overflowing and busting with receipts such that he has to dig to pull out his card to pay for bill at the restaurant - should be immaculate.

He should pay attention to the tone of his voice, his facial expressions, posture and gestures just as much as women. Of course, he also has to remember that the lady comes first.

Men & FashionNot a very good mix. While it is more acceptable these days for men to be as obsessed with fashion and clothes as women, a man who looks too fashionably dressed in styles that are not classic at all, are an eyesore and unbearable.

In a while, I will seek to expand this, meanwhile, you may subscribe to this site (on the left hand side of the toolbar). For now, enjoy my selection of inspiring gentlemen!

Aubrey Andelin

Author of Man of Steel and Velvet

Depicts the ideal man, with the strong character traits of steel and the gentle qualities of velvet. Helps men understand women and children and how to deal with them effectively. Outlines his God given role in the family and in the world. Gives insights into masculinity and what it takes to be a man.

Sandy Cohen from the television series The O.C.

A wonderful husband, father and passionate about his work in helping the less privileged in his legal work. May be rough around the edges of social norms in high society, but an extremely classy man.

Colonel Pickering from the movie, My Fair Lady.

I couldn't find any pictures of him so I've included one in the movie. He is the one extreme right in the picture. In the movie, he never once treated Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) like lower class, or spoke to her any different than someone in his social standing.

Frank Lucas from the film American Gangster

Even though he was a big time crook on the film, he used gentlemanly manners, self-care, etiquette to cover himself up from the police. The police were used to seeing flashy showy, far from elegant men as crooks so it took them a while to take an interest in him.

Donnie Yuen from the movie Ip Man, who respects his wife. I will be adding and expanding on this subscribe to this page to be updated. Thanks folks!

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