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Gift opening at one year olds birthday party 
My grandson just had his first birthday party from 2-4 PM. Step daughter didn't open gifts. My mom and sister came from out of town and they were really …

Can I go to a birthday party without a present? 
Is it required to bring a present to a child's birthday party (or an adult birthday party)? Can I go to to the party without a gift? If they invited …

Having dinner guests and gifts they bring 
Miss Manners, My husband and I enjoy entertaining. We have dinner guests over about once monthly, and mix it up between old friend and new. We recently …

Receiving GIfts Even Though Invitations Say 'No Gifts Please' 
We are having a birthday party for my one year old daughter. We are inviting about 40 people, close friends and family. On the invite, we put "No Gifts …

Twin Gifts 
I have been invited to a baby shower for twins. How many gifts am I expected to bring?

Gift Giving 
Hi, One of my teammates sent a broadcast email that he is planning to buy our boss a red Ipod Nano as a birthday present costing $25 per person if …

'No Presents' - Should I still bring a gift? 
When invited to a party and the invitation states "your presence is the only present necessary", should you still give the guest a gift?

Gift stumped 
I ,along with my brothers and sister have been invited to our niece's 25th anniversary party which she is throwing for herself. It is a formal afffair …

Intentionally Insulting Christmas Gift 
This is a question about how to respond to a gift worse than nothing. My nouveau riche inlaws palatial mansion has never been my favorite place to spend …

Etiquette for receiving apparently unwanted gifts? 
We have several elderly neighbors, who we try to look out for all year. My husband and I often do little things like bringing their trash cans back from …

Embarrassing gift 
I just had surgery & was out of work over Thangsgiving. My boss called and said the staff wanted to drop a basket for me. I was very happy that they …

Showing Appreciation For Gift 
Our son recently was diagnosed with cancer. When out in the yard the other day, my neighbor and I were talking and I happened to mention it in passing. …

Baptism Gift Etiquette 
Dear Miss Manners, My very best friend has asked me and my husband to be her daughters god-parents and I am stumped as to what to give as …

High School Graduation Gifts Not rated yet
I wish to send my son's High School graduation announcements to close family friends of my recently deceased mother as she would be so proud of her grandson …

Receiving Gifts in the Workplace Not rated yet
I am a registered nurse. I am employed by a hospital and am compensated for my work. Some of the physicians that I work with give gifts to individuals …

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