Gift Giving

by Kathy Baker
(New Zealand)


One of my teammates sent a broadcast email that he is planning to buy our boss a red Ipod Nano as a birthday present costing $25 per person if we all chip in to the present. I seriously do not feel like giving since we never gave her birthday presents since the day I started working for this company the past 3 years. Not to mention, my teammate just began to live with her and they are keeping this as a secret. I just feel like if he wants to give her a present, why not just buy it himself and not make everyone look like we’re forced to give, and if not, we will look bad.

My question is, how can I nicely decline the idea?

Thank you,

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Dec 27, 2011
iPod request NEW
by: Dandelion

You are under no obligation to participate. Decline pleasantly but firmly and resist pressure to explain or justify your actions (I bet you're not the only one who feels this way!)

If pestering gets bothersome, explain that not only do you not normally exchange presents with your boss at Christmas, you didn't even participate in choosing the present. Nothing is stopping him from getting it for her if he feels so inclined. Repeat more coldly as necessary.

No one ever has the right to spend your money for you.

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