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What is a Glitz Pageant?

A type of pageant that allows makeup on young children and babies as well as clothing covered in rhinestones.

These pageants focus specifically on beauty. The opposite of a glitz pageant would be a natural/ scholarship pageant.

Contestants also wear hair extensions, flippers (fake teeth), and are dressed to look much older than they really are.

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Types of Beauty Pageants

There are two main types. The Natural Pageant and the Glitz Pageant.

Glitz Pageants are the "glamour" pageants. Girls are dressed in 'high fashion', evening gowns and swimsuit.

Natural Pageants focus on natural beauty. Or at least as natural as possible.

In a children's glitz pageant, children will often be dressed up in grown up outfits wearing heels, wear heavy make up, false teeth, fake eye lashes or donning heavy mascara. Their hair would be professionally done up. They also usually have to show their talent in a performance.

Most Natural Pageants, on the other hand will disqualify a contestant for the excessive use of these devices. They do not allow make up and encourage contestants (and their mothers) to dress and act their age.

Similarities of Glitz and Natural Pageants

Both pageants will require entry fees and you will have to pay for your own make up, hairstyling, outfits.

You probably will need to look for a sponsor. These pageant sponsors can be a family member, family friend, beauty and hair salons, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants etc.

What is usually done is to offer value in exchange, perhaps promoting their clothes, jewelry. One usually offers to display a photo of the contestant with her crown in their shop.

There are cash prizes and gifts for winners in both types of pageants. There will also be opportunities for modeling and other pageant and talent contests.

Both types of pageants will have opportunities to compete on high levels such as state-wide, country wide competitions and ultimately international competitions.

Differences Between Beauty Pageants

Natural Pageants

Prize is on authenticity and natural beauty. Make up is not allowed for contestants under the age of 13. Most judges do not like to see glamorous styles and performances. Personality plays a big part as looks, so that is why the interview section of the contest will be the most important part of the pageant.

Glitz Pageants

Make up and glamorous styles are encouraged. There is fierce competition in swimwear and formal evening. Contestants are allowed to wear false hair, teeth, eye lashes etc.

Should I Enter My Daughter In Glitz Pageants

Is it a good idea?

True, glitz pageants sound over the top. Seeing some of the insanity mothers and daughters put themselves through these pageants make me wonder if whether elegant women who are mothers out there should enter their child.

First of all, have a good study of the beauty pageant you are entering you or your child into. There are many types of pageants and some fall in-between the glitz and the natural pageants. Basically, know what you are getting yourself into before you commit.

In my humble opinion, I see some value of beauty pageants. They are a vehicle to train self confidence, carriage, social graces, stage presence, grooming ... all the things that we girls want to go to finishing school for! These are the subjects are written most about on Why not view pageants as an opportunity to create awareness to these things?

I don't have any daughters yet but when I was a child, my mother entered me into some pageants. I won 3rd place in my first pageant, and 1st another. In high school, I was one of the prom queens. Later I (well my friend without my knowledge actually) entered a inter-university beauty contest and I came out third. After my initial pageant when I was 7, I've entered into other competitions, like science competitions, speech competitions etc. I must say that because of my initial experience on being on stage, in the spotlight, winning and losing helped build my confidence on the stage. It did help.

I would say that pageants give good exposure and is a good experience. How far do you want to take it, how seriously you would compete is up to you. There are ugly scenarios that arise between competitors and mothers. At best, I would say it is also a good way to teach your child how to handle competition and graciously handle the ugliness of others. As much as pageants are about beauty, they are competitions as well. One can learn to show good sportsmanship (or women-ship).

Pageants educate the participants in more ways than one. It helps us see the world as our stage, where you'll always want to present your best. It is our chance to have a larger audience than we could have gathered on our own.

Having a larger audience is about a greater influence and leadership.

Extra Pageant Notes

If you are thinking of entering yourself or your child into a glitz pageant, here are some tips:

1. Words You Need To KNow For Pageant Competitions

2. A Blog For Mothers Entering their Daughters into Pageants


Differences in glitz and natural pageants

How to Win Pageants

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