Graduation Annoucements

by Nancy Epiney
(Elmwood Park IL )

My youngest son will be graduating high school in June. When both his older brother and sister graduated high school, I threw each of them a graduation party. Unfortunately I have been unemployed for the past 3 years and can not afford to do that for him. Would it be rude to send out graduation announcements to the family and friends that would have been invited stating that any monetary gift would be appreciated? They all attended the other 2 parties and gave money. Please let advise. Thank you so much.

Nancy Epiney

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Oct 03, 2015
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Graduating is a huge accomplishment. If you feel adequately near the graduate Saluting the individual and enabling them on whatever way they have chosen to go down for a business

Jan 26, 2014
Never suggest that you would like gifts given! NEW
by: Michele

It would be very rude to mention gift expectations of any kind! You could graciously handle this 2 different ways.

1. Just send out announcments about his graduation. Some people will send a gift and some may not. But then you are not backing them into a corner implying that a gift is expected.

2. Give him his party but keep it very low budget. Invite people over after the dinner hour for a cake and punch, or an evening backyard bbq and bon fire of hot dogs, chips, soda and baked beans. If you son has any friends that have a band, maybe they would provide music at low or no cost. Inviting family? Ask the close ones if they could bring a side dish to contribute.

Jan 12, 2014
Graduation Announcements NEW
by: Anonymous

That would be very rude to ask for any monetary gift. I was invited to a party in which the host asked for each person to pay a certain amount to attend. That was the worse and I didn't even want to attend at that point. I feel as if you can't afford to throw a party, then DON'T.

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