Graduation Announcement Etiquette

graduation announcement etiquette, MR. & MRS. PATRICK HOBGOOD AT HIS HARVARD GRADUATION, CAMBRIDGE, MA, 5 JUNE 2008

Graduation Announcement Etiquette and graduation etiquette - includes announcing your graduation properly and how to handle limited seating at your graduation ceremony.

There are a few special occasions in a child's life. One of them is graduation. It marks their academic achievement! Though a party is not mandatory, it will surely be appreciated when efforts are made to celebrate their achievements. It will be a wonderful encouragement and memory to make.

This graduation etiquette page tackles social norms of a child's graduation. I will try to answer commonly questions such as 'who gets invited', 'who gets the priority of the invitation', 'what to do with the rest of friends and family', and 'how do you announce your graduation'.

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How To Announce Your Graduation Properly

Graduation Announcement Etiquette -

Example of a Graduation Invitation

Here is a sample graduation invitation and template for you to follow if you are issuing your own invitations. This can be used as a template for a graduation announcement.

graduation announcement emblem 1

Who Issues The Invitation?

The Graduation Announcement Etiquette

Attendance at schools and colleges have grown so fast that the facilities of these institutions cannot handle the crowds of parents and friends such that they now limit the number of visitors each student can invite.

Invitations are usually provided by the school, but if they are not, the graduate may issue them himself/herself, following the example above, within the visitor limit.

He/she may also call and verbally invite them.

Who Should Attend the Graduation Ceremony?

With the limited numbers, the graduate have to deal with not being able to invite everybody. Ideally, priority should go to immediate family.

A good suggestion is to have a graduation dinner or party afterwards to invite those you want at your celebration.

Sending Graduation Invitations and Announcements

Graduation Announcement Etiquette of Announcing your graduation properly.

The limited number of attendees must have led to the tradition of sending graduation announcements. In some occasions, the school provides graduation announcements as well invitations.

"Who do I send the graduation announcements to?"

Send them to all those whom you want at your ceremony including those you are unable to invite because of the limited seating.

These announcements are printed formally. You can print them off your own computer. You may word it like the graduation ceremony invitation, replacing "requests the honor of your presence" with "is pleased to announce the graduation of Elizabeth Wakefield".

If your family is used to a more casual style, you may word it casually, even in a form of a letter.

Etiquette is meant to present an orderly way of doing things. It is not the law.

These announcements are meant to spread the good news without obligations or a means of soliciting gifts.

Should guests bring gifts?

Guests are not obligated to send gifts. See Gift Etiquette.

Peggy Post says you may write at the bottom, "No gifts, please" but I feel you should leave it up to your family and friends though you casually verbally mention that there isn't a need for gifts.

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What If I'm Not Graduating?

If for any reason a student who did not make it to graduation due to having to retake a class, he should not send out his announcements no matter if the invitation and announcements have been printed.

The proper graduation announcement etiquette is that he should wait until he graduates to send out the announcements.

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