Guide to A Basic Wardrobe Gallery

The Elegant Woman's Guide to A Basic Wardrobe Gallery. A visual guide on building an elegant wardrobe that works.

If you have just joined us from our foundation of an elegant wardrobe page, you would have learned the underlying principles of a basic, classic wardrobe that works.

The keys to having the ideal wardrobe is to have a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, some planning and editing and learning how to maintain it. Though, not necessary to have a large quantity of clothes to be well-dressed, we must be sure to have acquired our basics as well as learning how to mix and match elegantly.

What Is Your 'Daily Uniform'?

As summarized in Wardrobe Refashioning - Acquire your basics, we talked about "Everyday Basics".
casual elegance day clothes

This is the category of clothes the clothes you wear in your everyday life, like a uniform!

For instance, if you work, your Everyday Basics clothes would be white blouses, black skirts, grey pants etc. If you are a stay home mother, your clothes could be silk blouses and capri pants.

A Basic Elegant Work Wardrobe

elegant work office clothes attire
Sometimes all you need is a couple of light colored blouses, a black skirt, beige skirt and maybe a grey skirt. You could mix and match with a couple of cardigans and jackets.

Add more variety by adding scarves, pins and wear your hair differently from time to time.

You won't need that many shoes. A good one would be to get a pair of black and another pair of beige pumps.

Casually Elegant By Day

casual elegance
This is my daily uniform! I'm usually casual, unless I'm meeting someone or have a dinner or cocktails to go later in the evening.

I love light coloured clothes because they match so easily and has a airy feel to it, and ballet flats! They are my staples to run errands in.

Elegant Travel Outfit

Elegant travel attire

Again, ballet flats are convenient shoes when you have to go through customs with all that scanning that they do these days! Though you have blankets on the plane, I still find it inadequate so I tuck in a pashima and cardigan into my duffel.

If it is a long haul flight, I bring a pair of sleeping pants for me to change in when the lights are out.

Elegant Cocktail Wardrobe

elegant cocktail dresses

If you only can afford three cocktail dresses, get one in black, yellow and one in a silk/satin material.

You can wear this over and under accessories, belts, scarves, coats.

Elegant Evening Gowns Wardrobe

elegant evening gowns
A classic red or silver number are always in style but you'll never be faded into the background if you turned up in say, black. Pinks are always feminine and beautiful. Go darker if you would like to be a bit edgier.

Thank you for reading 'Guide to a Basic Wardrobe Gallery'!

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