How dressing elegantly changed my relationship with my wardrobe and my finances.

by Raven Tao
(Hong Kong)

A few years ago, I looked into my closet and felt frustrated. Why did I have so many clothes? Why did almost none of them match elegantly? And what was I doing wrong? Tired of facing the same questions every day, I decided to go on a fashion diet. No more binge spending on junk clothes!

 I wrote down my favourite wardrobe essentials- the items I wore, or would wear, every day. They included a fitted white collared shirt, black turtleneck, dark blue bootleg jeans and black slacks, a black ballet top, white blouse, pencil skirt, ballet flats, comfortable boots and a great jacket. I looked into my crammed closet and realised I lacked most of those things. Sure, I had a flowing pink full length skirt and a cute 1950's cocktail dress, but barely any great basics. No wonder I couldn't match anything! But how to attain these vital items without breaking the bank? 

I decided to design them.

So I did, and other women started to ask for them too. Turns out that most of us only use a few items all the time, and these basics made up the top of the elegant essentials list. With a few classic items, you can stick within budget and mix and match that piece as much as you like. My spending dropped dramatically and I no longer feel the need to buy clothes simply because I 'have nothing to wear'. Paring down to elegant basics was the best wardrobe budgeting move I've ever made.  Plus, I've started to sell my simple designs online, which brings in money and covers the cost of my original designs for myself!
While I still have fun items stowed away in my 'rarely wear' drawers and have to refrain from buying anything fashionable, patterned, cute or non-essential, my cheerfully uncrowded wardrobe now greets me with my daily pieces in blush, black and white plus a few more simple mix and match items in gold, red and navy.

People comment that I look very stylish these days; I have less dressing stress; I don't need to spend time figuring out what to wear with what, and most importantly my wallet is laughing all the way to the bank. Finally, my wardrobe and my finances have a great relationship. And may it continue for many years to come.

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