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On Facebook, or other social networking site

A lady does not add every possible acquaintances even those she has only met for 5 seconds unless she genuinely would like an acquaintance with that person.

She also does not feel obligated to approve every request.

She does not it it replace her social life.

Nor does she depend on it as if it were email or the phone.

She does not expect her friends to log into Facebook regularly or to read her messages to them quickly.

She does not post embarrassing photos of her friends.

She adheres to her friend's requests as much as she can if for instance they do not like their photo. She may ignore them if they are picky and simply do not like the photo because they think they look fat, she can simply untag herself, especially if everyone is in the picture.

A lady does not upload vulgar photos on Facebook, photos of compromising positions, red drunken faces (unless they are happy and tasteful), photos of sexual items used as jokes - if you really have to, make it a private album - or photos that will get their friends in trouble with their partners.

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She also does not use vulgarity freely or join groups that have vulgarities in their Names of descriptions.

Though it is personal choice, she does not upload every single photo of her life. She chooses her photos wisely and sees Facebook albums as a way of sharing her photos with her friends, rather than plagued them with incessant photos of her model-make-over poses, her baby, her wedding, pointless videos of herself or any thing to boast - assuming that people are indeed interested in the details of her life. The key here is to do so in moderation.

She also does not type her comments on Facebook walls, photo albums that may reveal something her friend wishes it to be private. Neither does she ask very personal questions by that way.

How To Be A Lady With Designer Goods

A lady uses designer goods subtly

While she enjoys and appreciates the finer things in life and may like designer goods, she does not adorn herself with designer logos all over her clothes, her shoes, bags and have such logos dangling from her ears.

She also knows when it is appropriate to wear or carry a certain bag, wear certain types of jewelry upon occasion.

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How To Be A Lady And Sexy

She does not wear clothes that makes others blush.

Too sloppy, too revealing, too high fashion or wild in expression or anything that calls negative attention to herself is something she will never do.

She also wears the right shoes for the situation, never high heeled shoes when hiking (which I have witnessed before in Hawaii). She also ensures they are not dirty or scuffed.

She does not wear clothes revealing any hint of undergarments, for instance, a dark colored underwear with a white blouse. If it is too translucent, she either wears a nude set or a camisole.

She does not adjust her straps in public. In unfortunate event, she excuses herself to the bathroom or if that option is not possible, she does so quickly and discretely. If someone points it out to her, she keeps a straight face calmly say thank you, and excuse herself to the bathroom.

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How To Be A Lady With Luxury

A lady does not have excessive things and neither does she place too much value on materials.

There is always something very frugal and sensible about a lady. She does not go and spend on every single thing or is always concerned about the latest fashions, gadgets etc. Nor does she talk much about materials. There is something ethereal about her, you can tell where her values lie.

If she buys things, she buys the highest quality she can afford and will only replace them if they cannot be used any longer.

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A Lady does not behave inappropriately.

It grows with age, while she is young, she may get away with some things, but the older she is, she knows it may not be as adorable as it used to be. For instance, running down the hills when she is older, jumping up and down in delight at age 45.

How To Be A Lady Keeping Up Appearances

A Lady takes care of herself and her appearance all the time, after marriage and after she has a baby.

She will find a way to do this. It is as fundamental as brushing teeth.

A lady always knows that the larger the purse or bag, the less elegant.

Depending on circumstance, it is wise to discipline ourselves to only take what we need. To take too much sometimes exhibits a sense of laziness to be thoughtful of our circumstances.

She also knows that putting her bag on the floor may cause her to bag to transport germs and bacteria home.

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A lady knows the more revealing of her feet of the shoe, the less elegant or formal it is.

A lady takes her of her nails.

If she cannot afford the resources or the time to have them done all the time, she either keeps a simple cut with clear nail polish or simply short, clean and neat.

A lady pays attention to her roots when she colors her hair.

If she no longer want to sport a color very different from her natural color, she goes to a salon to get them all in her natural color.

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A lady also keeps her eyebrows trimmed, shaped and body waxed where it is seen.

How To Be A Lady With Her Appointments

A lady makes the effort to call and check as soon as possible.

Whether it is being late for an appointment with the spa, a change to the reservation at a restaurant or to check if the appropriate attire at the opera, she calls to be considerate.

She however does not ask if she could bring a guest at someone's wedding. If her invitation says, guest, it is loud and clear.

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How To Be A Lady At Functions With Dress codes

A lady understands all the dress-code.

She does not wear anything to upstage the bride, anything too revealing as though she was going to a club (she does not wear anything too revealing period.)

She knows "Formal" or "Black tie" means long dresses and gowns and she does not wear cocktail dresses to a formal event.

She does not wear denim to a wedding.

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A lady knows when to turn off her cell phone.

At the movies, at dinner, at a meeting, at a wedding.

She does not take calls at a wedding and attempts to chat, even though it is discreet.

How To Be A Lady With Integrity

A lady never says what she doesn't mean to do or follow up.

She doesn't say, let's do lunch or have coffee but never makes the effort to do so two days later. She does not take someone's phone number without the intention to call. She does not say, I'll call you later and not call.

If someone says to her, "Lets do lunch," She understands that it is their responsibility to contact her. She may make the first move but also understand that not everyone says what they mean.

A lady never gives a thoughtless gift.

If she receives one, or a gift she doesn't like too much, she smiles and bears it. She appreciates that they thought of her. *** to be continued *****

* End of How To Be A Lady series Page Four *

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