I am twelve but have an old soul

i am in the 7th grade but feel as though it is my destiny to be a lovely graceful Audrey Hepburn type (i love her)i want to be casual for school but still look elegant. is there a way that i can become elegant as her with ease?

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Apr 16, 2010
Eloraine's two cents
by: Eloraine

Aw! I can relate. From a young age, I've felt this way, too.
Well, strangely enough, I think you rather look like Audrey herself. You're lucky! :)
There's no need to try and duplicate Audrey's style at your age, as I'm sure she would have dressed differently at 12. Here are some ideas of what would look just dandy!
You can look elegant at school. Try wearing long socks with Mary-Jane style shoes and coats in the cooler months, with a beret. I am, in fact, sporting a beret as I type!





With your colouring, I'd imagine most colours would suit you, especially red and blue for cold months and pastels for those warmer months.

For Springtime, I'd recommend something like this

http://www.polyvore.com/25_park/set?id=10758860 except with closed-in shoes with white tights.
If it's not too warm.


I adore hats. I think a good rule of thumb is to wear a hat whenever possible. Hats are elegant and lovely. Plus sun safety is very important. Almost as important as style.



When you're a bit older you could start wearing kitten heels, but until then, a nice pair of Mary-Janes should go just lovely with most things!

If you want to look a little more casual, remember that simplicity in pattern will look more elegant than something that is too busy. (In other words, when in doubt stick with solid colours)

Hopefully this is helpful!

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