just a kid trying to be elegant - is there an inbetween?

by Juin

Hey Eunice.

I've been reading through this site front to back, left to right, and in reverse. I love what you've done, and the concept that's been shared through the pages. I try to apply all that I can into my daily life, but the thing is, I'm still just a teen; I make plenty of slips and mistakes where I end up trying to drag the attention towards myself. Besides that, I have a very particular way of dressing, quite a mixture of darker clothing and studs such as that of a rocker. I love learning and following this site, but as much as I do and try to have a elegant, well mannered way of acting and thinking, I'm rather reluctant to change the way I dress completely. Is there perhaps a in between I can settle with?

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Dec 14, 2014
Would you like help? NEW
by: Laura

Like you, I have been fascinated with Eunice's posts from the very start, and most importantly, I am also a teen. I still have a hard time following everything, but you do have to keep in mind that: 1- we're just teens, we are going to start getting comfortable with it little by little.
2- There are various archetypes of feminine women, there's the more elegant and modern one, the playful and sweet one, the mysterious one, you just have to find out which one goes with your personality.
If you'd like, we can keep contact by e-mail or Skype and I can help you stablish a type of elegancy that is still you.
Yours Sincerely,

Jan 29, 2013
Elegance and beauty have no age NEW
by: Kai

Elegance and beauty have no age! Don't worry your pretty little heart, you are ahead of the game learning how to carry yourself in an elegant way. As with all of the virtues and truly good things they start within- think inside out here.
There are elegant ways to rock studs and dark colors (black is always chic and in!) You're young (enjoy the freedom of experimenting with your style!)If you dress for your body, age, and comfort you cannot go wrong. I applaud you for staying true to yourself!

Jan 05, 2013
Your Destiny NEW
by: Anonymous

A young goth who aspires to elegance? You are a rare person and surely destined for great things. Take care of yourself. Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams.

Nov 20, 2012
Finding Balance NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Juin,

First, I would like to write that it is wonderful that you are learning and applying these tips to become a better person. It is great that you are learning these tips at a young age, you will find them beneficial as you grow older.

I very much believe that you can find a balance between etiquette and being a lady and your dress style. Although, I believe that it is good fun to experiement with all of the different fashion styles when you are a teenager because you are still learning and trying to find your own style.

When I was in my early teens, I dressed goth (band shirts, studded belt, black hair, chains etc.) A few years later, I got into vintage clothing and into elegant things and I made my "goth style" a little bit more elegant by replacing some things. Gone were the band shirts. Instead, I would wear a red silk blouse, black capris, black heels and a studded belt with darker makeup and vintage styed hair. Another outfit was two black lace tops (overlapped), a burgandy "corset" (not a real one but a look-alike), black skirt, studded belt and heels. I traded Converse for black heels and my chain necklaces with a lock for a black Cameo necklace with a ribbon.

Now (almost seven years later), my style is completely different and gone entirely is the goth styled apparel. The thing is, is that we all have different versions of what "elegance" looks like. Some say goth can be elegant. Others will say it is ugly no matter what. Some people envision elegance with a lot of glitterly jewelry and vintage hair. Now, my stye is very simple - I combined Biblical principals of fashion (modest clothing, minimal adornment) and vintage fashion - I sometimes have vintage syled hair, always wear heels, minimal makeup (think of 1950's kitchen ads), no jewelry (adornment). My stye is not what I would myself call "glamorous" and some would say it is quite boring while others would say it's very classy and proper. I give this example just to show you how elegance is viewed from many different perspectives.

Elegance is not just based on clothing but the overall package. I don't believe that you have to change your stye completely to be elegant, perhaps just change a few things and in this way, you can still stay true to yourself and your style, but think of it as more of an "updated version" of yourself instead of complete change.

Nov 12, 2012
Give yourself time... NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just want to give you hope. I used to be just like you once. I wanted to have all the confidence and elegance in the world but just couldn't manage it. However, things change, four years ago I was shy, made mistakes and made a fool of myself. Now I am enjoying my first year at university and I pride myself on my chic style and elegance. You're still developing as a person and probably will do for years to come. I am still finding things about myself now and I certainly not the most elegant person in the world but give it time and you will develop as I did, you will never look back. Once you understand yourself, be yourself and love who you are. You will feel like the most wonderful person in the world.
Much love and don't lose heart xxx

Nov 11, 2012
Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm also only a teen, and I find this page so inspirational! I also dress strange, a fashion called 'lolita' (please don't judge it by it's name) it's very cute and elegant depending on which sub-style you wear. I myself wear classic and sweet styles. Here is a nice example :) ( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ASYopDeyMLw/TWdsJusG-YI/AAAAAAAAACg/TSPqGkGtH-w/s1600/Classic+1.jpg )

Nov 09, 2012
I understand NEW
by: Anonymous

Iv'e always been wondering on how old you have to be on this website!

Nov 09, 2012
I understand NEW
by: Anonymous

Iv'e always been wondering on how old you have to be on this website!

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