Recommended Links And Resources

What are my favorite links and resources I use for elegance? Here are some, just to name a few.

Daily Devotional

I find it helpful to read a short inspirational page to help me get through the day.

I subscribe to this devotional by my church and everyday, an encouraging devotional arrives at my inbox.

I enjoy reading it during my morning coffee. I hope you would too!

P.s. there are occasions where I use Scriptural references in my articles. Please note that I respect all faiths, and I'm only writing about my faith. Do read a reply I wrote some time back ...

When asked about why I refer to Jesus or God in my website, I replied...

I only write what I know

This is not a Christian website. However, my faith does influence my thoughts and I've added some bits in for greater clarity.

P.s. This is going to be a long post because I would love to explain myself. It helps me get this issue off my chest. It kind of is a secret, but out of respect that this is not a christian website and out in the public sphere, I've been writing with restraint. If you have no time to read it, the comment title says it all. Thanks! :) -----

Thank you Meg for your email. I try to be as sensitive as I can about the issue of faith.

This is not a christian website. I'm focusing on elegance and womanhood.

On the issue of catering to all faiths, I can only write what I know. I can't speak for everyone. I try to add 'your own spirituality' in some of the pages and you'll definitely see them.

For me, it is just easier and more natural to write 'God'. I suppose God has many names and trust that my readers will personalize all articles to themselves anyway.

Why do I include "God and Jesus" in little bits here and there? Actually I only include them in pages where I talk about having a good heart. That's because I believe a good heart is the greatest foundation of elegance. (Next would be education and thinking).

I've tried prevent myself infusing my faith into my articles but I've long realized - I cannot be honest that way. Personally, I just cannot seem to get better at elegance without having faith.

To be downright honest, I can't seem to be gracious, elegant, kind, compassionate without a mix of daily bible reading or devotional or a spiritual book, prayer, serving and attending church. To be even bolder to say so on a personal level, I feel that I cannot do ANYTHING (literally) without Jesus. But that's just me. I only know what works the best for me.

The minute I'm getting cranky, impatient or having moody thoughts (which will reflect a subtle frown on my face), I know I haven't been spending time reading or praying (casual talking to God), or attending church. The longer I stay away from church, serving others, the more inward, self-focused I get. I become self-conscious, negative, discouraged ... far from being elegant and gracious and hopeful!

If I don't spend time with Jesus...I've got nothing to give. I depend on divine inspiration for this website!

So there, my 'secret' is out.

I also understand there will always be a few naysayers and a couple of people who disagree with how I do things. The Christians would want to see more 'God' in it and the non-Christians would want me to stay on neutral ground. In essence, I can't please anyone and this is a private website anyway, I just wrote this because it is my great interest and passion. :)

Thank you for reading this and I most sincerely hope you will understand and respect our very minor differences.

Colour Conference

This is a conference that is held yearly at three places across the earth, Sydney, London and Kiev. It is to inspire and strengthen women of God all over, and to place value on womanhood.

I really enjoy these women conferences.

Check it out!

Colour Conference
Thank you for reading 'Links and Resources'!

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