Manners At School

Manners at School for ladies of all ages.

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Rules Apply To All Ages

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No matter what age you are in at school, these basic manners at school should be practiced.

  1. Be punctual to classes
  2. Be neat and orderly in your attire for school.
  3. Not to speak to other students while the teacher or lecturer is teaching.
  4. It is distracting to other students and the person whom you are talking to might actually miss out on the class. If you really need to communicate, I suggest writing a note or text-messaging. That leaves the recipient a choice to decide on when to read the note. But this should be used discretely, otherwise most things can wait until after the class is over

  5. Turning off your phones and devices, or at least in silent mode.
  6. Putting in your best effort at your work.
  7. Having integrity in your work.
  8. Common courtesy should be applied all the time.
  9. One should only occupy one seat and not leave her things on another seat unless the lecture hall is very empty.
  10. Being co-operative with others, being a team player when one needs to.

Manners at School

For Elegant Mothers Starting Children At School

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    Start your children's good habits,

  1. Get them to school on time, properly dressed.
  2. Show them how to prepare for school, get their homework done and prepare for lessons the next day.
  3. Help your children to understand that school is important, the teacher is in charge and to show respect for the teacher.
  4. If you have any issues you need to discuss with your child's teacher or school administrators, do so privately, not in front of your child.
  5. You may also familiarize their daughter with general school rules and expectations before she begins.

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It's very normal for a child starting school to be very nervous. New school, new teachers, new friends, unfamiliar environment.

It is very helpful to take your daughter to school a few days before school starts. Get her familiar with the surroundings, the school gate, where to wait for you when you will pick up, where the washrooms are, the library etc, the office of the school help should your daughter need to contact you and the works.

If you can introduce your daughter to her teacher, better yet.

When your child comes to school on the first day, there are already familiar, friendly faces and she feels comfortable already in the classroom.

Manners at School

Manners of A Young Lady At School

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An elegant young lady who has manners in school

  • is one who dresses appropriately.
  • who does not eat or drink in class or chew gum.
  • She does not bring talk to others when a teacher is giving a lesson.
  • She refrains from texting, using her mobile phone, passing notes as much as she can.
  • She does not laugh at others no matter how stupid an answer given by another.
  • She does not make fun of others who did not do as well.
  • She does not laugh or make fun of another persons' dress sense of lack of dress sense.
  • She does not make fun of others period.
  • She queues up and waits her turn.

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