Money Tree? Is that appropriate?

by Granny M.

My 18 year old grandson is graduating from high school on June 5th. I'm having a celebration party afterwards for him and I was wondering if it would be totally classless if I asked those attending not to spend money on another movie poster, gift card or CD, but to give money for the money tree that will be used for a down payment on a used car for him.

My daughter has raised him alone as his dad has been battleing a drug addiction out of state for many years. She works very hard and is having a hard time making ends meet. My grandson wants to go to a local community college this fall, but without a car we don't see how he can.
Thank you.

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Jul 21, 2013
don't pick guests gifts for them NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't stop your guests from bringing regular gifts - for many people bringing gifts is one way they show love. (And yes, it is classless to 'pick' what kind of gift they give. It isn't a gift then, it's a demand or an expected wishlist).

If you must do a money tree, set up a little tree with lots of ribbons tied to the branches on one of the tables - out of the way (not 'in your face') but somewhere people can see. Set out decorative note paper the right size for notes, and many different colored pens. While many people will choose to write notes, some will probably tie money to the tree. The notes can be really fun to read and a lot of times are more free-flowing than a card (where people are over thinking what they are going to say).

I made one of these for my older sister's wedding at the request of my parents. It was a pretty tree in a pot sitting in a shallow dish with water, with floating lotus candles in the water. It wasn't a money tree but a "good wishes tree" (or somesuch, can't remember exactly), and a lot of people through pennies in the 'wishing well' portion. The guests had a lot of fun tying the notes to the branches.

Jun 16, 2011
Money Tree
by: Chief

Seriously! A gift is like a tip, I tell you what I want to give you. If you want money for a car get a job. And grandma why trash his father like that? If you don’t like him leave him out of this.

Feb 17, 2011
a contribution yes, but no tree
by: Anonymous

It seems to me that as you are throwing a party for your grandson and not for yourself you are actually in the position to suggest a gift to the people you invite. Please don't put it on the invitation though.

A moneytree is not what I would go for, it's, to me anyway, just not on to display money like that.

But you could suggest to the guests that if they would like they could participate in giving him money to help him buy a car.

Although I'm not too sure how to present it, perhaps a toy car as a symbol along with a speech explaining many people contributed to a downpayment to go to the car.

Then you could give your grandson a list of the people that contributed so that he could send them thank you notes. He needn't know how much the individual guests actually gave.

Personally I don't really like to give just money but if you know what it's for and that he really needs/likes to have it I feel it is very acceptable.

May 08, 2010
Privately ask
by: E

Maybe you could privately speak to your guests and ask if that was okay. Then send very grateful long and personal letters to thank them.

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