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This is me now

This is me now

I am dating an executive chef. He runs 4 restaurants, one of which he flies private jet to. He makes decent money and wants me to share his life with him, but I have no elegance whatsoever. I grew up as a tomboy and it only takes me 5 minutes to get ready each morning. I want to fit it with his lifestyle though. I don't want to look like the dingy, unkempt girlfriend. What are the essentials I should have on hand every morning and throughout the day? I am currently 170 lbs and I want to get down to 125 lbs quick but in a way where I don't have excess leftover. Any pointers?

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Jul 28, 2012
Be sure to look inward NEW
by: Meredith

As Eunice points out there is a difference between an elegent demeanor and an elegant apperance. Focusing on the outward is fine, but not if you forget to work on the interior; your thoughts, behavior, values, and ethics.

I am in a similar situation, I am trying to lose weight in order to appear outwardly elegant and also to manage health issues I have. I realize this will take some time, which is fine with me. This gives me a change to do the important work on myself, in becoming an expert on elegance I must be a student of myself. Quite frankly, I have found it much easier to skip desert and exercise than to take an honest look at myself.

My advice is to look at yourself as a whole package and work on everything. I would also recommend assessing why you are embarking on this project, is it for your significant other or yourself?

Feb 18, 2012
Just be yourself NEW
by: Anonymous


To begin with I have to say you are very pretty and you have gorgeous skin. Therefore I say that if you don't have time in the morning just put a little makeup on a feature you want to bring out, perhaps a little eyeliner on the eyes or a rich lipstick or lipgloss to bring out your lips. If you have more time you can use concealer ect but for you I don't think it is a neccesity. as to losing weight try doing about half an hour of fast walking per day to begin with and then do more strenous exercise, this, I think, will turn your excess fat into muscle and avoid any problematic sags. Hope this helps!

Jan 31, 2012
Flaunt Your Features NEW
by: Anonymous

I can say that I have had the same issues as you but, I battle with adult acne. It took years for me to find a regimen that worked for me and even everyday make up to use to make me feel girly.
Find a skin care regimen that is good for you. (I use Neutrogena) That is a good cleanser and moisturizer depending on your skin type (dry, combination, oily).

Add some makeup if you have time in the morning. Everyday makeup for me has been mascara, concealer for dark spots (acne scars) , and a little blush (and I am African American, you CAN wear blush). Otherwise, if you have the time, use eye shadow and a little eyeliner. I have learned a lot about make-up from youtube.

Finish your look with earrings which, I find, brightens up your makeup.

I am jealous of your beautiful clear skin. Flaunt it!!!

Jan 29, 2012
Hi There! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello There!

What a lovely lady you are. I must say you look quite nice and think you have underrated yourself. The most important thing is to be fastidious with your personal hygiene, although it appears this is already the case, then you can begin thinking about further grooming.

Remember, you are quite nice looking stay healthy and your husband is going to love you!

Jan 25, 2012
Beauty Essentials NEW
by: Anonymous


I want to agree with the lady who posted before me, you have to give yourself some credit! You have great skin, a nice smile and a wonderful glow!

Below is a list of beauty essentials that I use. You could look at the list and see what might work for you. You should also consult friends or saleswomen at beauty counters on which colors suit you.

Skincare: Cleanser, Exfoliate, Moisturizer
Makeup: Foundation, Under-eye Concealer, Blush, Eyemakeup (Eyeshadow, Liner, Mascara), and Lipgloss
Body: Shave, Wax and Pluck, Put on Lotion after Shower
Hair: Find and use the right products for your hair (your hair looks healthy in the pic, so good work!)
Nails: Manicure weekly, Pedicure bi-weekly
Health: Exercise 3-6 times a week, Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods
Perfume: Yes!
Sexy Lingerie: Yes!

I always carry lipgloss and under-eye concealer in my bag (I have pretty bad under-eye circles, you don't appear to have this problem). Really, the best thing you can do to look glamorous is to be happy and confident!

Jan 24, 2012
Select a Style Icon NEW
by: Anonymous

First, give yourself a little credit. You are a beautiful woman (your skin is amazing) so you don't need a lot of help in terms of makeup, etc. Second, it's great you want to be more elegant along with getting in better shape quickly but remember, your boyfriend loves you the way you are right now so it's o.k. to take your time, lose weight sensibly and make changes gradually.

As for your personal clothing style, pick a style icon, someone that you think is well dressed and whose style you admire. When you get dressed or go shopping, think about what they might wear or purchase and then select something accordingly. It helps a bit to do this until you get your own style down. Also, when shopping, you can get a personal shopper at Nordstrom and they can help you pull some items together. On a smaller scale, you can also go into a retail store and find a salesperson whose style you admire and ask them for help.

And finally, I get the sense that you feel somewhat "less than" when you are with your boyfriend. Try to figure out more precisely what it is that is missing. Is it really the clothes or weight or something else? Remember how much you have to offer and that of all the women he could be with, he chose you. Good luck.

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