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Elegant Motherhood Stories to inspire us all on raising pedigree, refined, happy and excellent children. Welcome to the Elegant Motherhood section of Elegantwoman.org

In my recent study on Classical Education, I've been going back to my old books, rereading them again in new light.

elegant motherhood stories

I've been planning a section on Elegant Motherhood for a while now, but I feel inept in the subject as I am not yet a mother. However, I've been reading these books for years, since I was a child because I was interested in education and learning. What I can offer is not an insight of personal experience but reviews from many far more experienced and inspirational women.

Also, if I might add... in my younger years, I often helped out my mother in her mother role to my younger brother when we had family issues and during long periods of time when she left overseas to work.

For All Elegant Women

If you are not yet a mother, you might still benefit from reading early into this subject. This will result in greater preparation for your future motherhood role. When that time comes, you'll not have to feel rushed to absorb the whole world of new information. You'll be better at filtering good advice. You'll be better equipped to make good decisions. Best of all, you can decide on how you want to parent, what kind of elegant mother you'll become, and dream of the kind of little children you'll like to have.

If you are an elegant mother, please feel free to share your experiences and resources by emailing me. :)

What inspired a section on Elegant Motherhood?

One of our readers who wrote to me asking for more articles on Elegant Motherhood. She also felt it was impossible to be an Elegant Mother.

I also have the opinion that women are built multifaceted like a diamond and shining with all its glory. One of those facets are children. You cannot separate woman and children. It was only a matter of time I added this Elegant Motherhood Section.

As I have written above, for a long time I avoided the subject because I feel inadequate to write about this. However, I've been collecting thoughts, interviews, articles, books and quotes about motherhood stories shared by experienced and inspirational women ... and thought I'll share them here on elegantwoman.org

The point of this section is not to look or appear elegant while raising your children. While that is great, it is not a priority. The focus would be on our power to shape a child.

With our section of Motherhood Stories, I hope to fill your beautiful minds with elegant motherhood stories to inspire you to become the best elegant mothers.

What Kind Of Mother Do You Dream To Be?

While I believe in the grace of God of teaching you to be a great elegant mother, I also believe that God puts in our place experienced and wise women to help us along in life. We benefit by sitting at their feet, in deep respect and listening to their motherhood stories.

It's time to dream...get out a journal, or a piece of paper and note down things you'll love to do, to be etc...

Motherhood Story One - The Greatest Power God Bestowed On Us

My Motherhood quotes today which inspired this post is an old book by Helen Andelin, All About Raising Children.

She says,

A generation of excellent children would have a profound effect upon society. We would eliminate vice, corruption, violence and most of our social problems. Instead, our youth would begin to build our country in a positive way. Our children would be our country's greatest wealth.

"Our country's most precious possession is not our vast acres of rangeland supporting flocks and herds; not our mines and oil wells producing fabulous wealth. Our country's greatest resource is our children." - David O McKay

Motherhood Story Two - The Importance of Education

Education has always been a strong interest in my life, even though I've never felt the importance of Classical Education until now. Until I've read the book "The Well Trained Mind" and reflected on my own education and upbringing.

Therefore, my favorite chapter and motherhood story of the book, the The Well-Trained Mind was chapter one, written by Jessie about how she 'stumbled' upon homeschooling.

It was more meaningful to me than the many other pages which focused strictly on curriculum.

As great as her classical education school curriculum was, we all know that any attempt at home schooling will never be perfect. Most of us, will try and feel great in some areas, and struggle with the rest.

Nevertheless, some of her motherhood stories, especially her thoughts and experiences encourages me.

For example, she writes about how she first taught Phonics to her eldest son at the age of four and her three year old daughter wanted in too.

From my own personal experience: I remember my own Phonics lesson and my brother didn't have those lessons - to be honest, I'm the more confident reader of us two.

In kindergarten, Jessie's daughter Susan preferred to read instead of play during play time.

Jessie filled her children's head with facts when they were small and she taught them to read early. She kept books everywhere in the house; even had books for presents and rewards. She took her children to the library every week!

She would make each of them borrow

  • one science book
  • one history book
  • one art or music appreciation book
  • one practical book (craft, hobby or how to)
  • a biography or autobiography
  • a classic novel
  • a fiction book
  • a book of poetry

    She taught her daughter to follow a custom-made schedule, balancing academics and personal interests like music and creative writing. Susan continued to read every spare moment.

    By the time Susan was in high school, she wrote papers, book reports, stories and even wrote two novels even though it wasn't part of her classical education curriculum.

    Isn't that just amazing?

    Alright... let me get back to expand this section when all my other elegant motherhood stories are ready!

    Love, Eunice

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