Ms Manners - Everyday Manners

This Ms Manners style page is based on Victorian Etiquette on everyday life. They are focused on setting good examples for children.

Ladies First

In Ms Manners Victorian style etiquette, there is always a ladies first policy.

Though not practiced as much in modern day, I would still want my son to learn how to let the ladies go first.

ms manners, The spirit of Hockanum

It is always a pleasant surprise when a man lets me use the bathroom first on the airplane or when boarding a bus.

I enjoy watching a gentleman giving up his seat to a lady.

I thank these gentlemen gratefully.

In a narrow passage way, a lady should walk first unless the road is on rocky ground, or if he needs to leave the way.

When doing so, he may place his hand under her elbow appropriately.

When walking beside a road, ladies should allow gentlemen to walk on outside nearest the road, according to tradition.

It is good etiquette for a man to stand aside and allow a woman to pas through an open door ahead of him.

If the door is closed, he reaches forward and opens the door for her. However, if it is a heavy door, it makes more sense for him to step ahead and push the door open, leading the lady through it.

Ladies should always say thank you and smile, to encourage more of these behavior!

Any courteous person holds a door open for the person following him or her. It is extremely rude to let a door slam behind.

Gallantry is always in style.

What Do You Think Of Your Personal Image?

Emily Post says, "these are some things that present an image of who we are to others, and if we are sloppy in performing them, this image may well be other than we would like it to be."

Ms Manners etiquette must a higher priority in the past.

Girls are sent to finishing schools. Etiquette and manners are taught rigidly at home by elegant mothers.

A Personal Experiment

We are usually not aware of our posture, form and gestures.

If you can, have yourself videotaped for a couple minutes doing just a few everyday things.

Sit and stand. Walk. Eat. Talk. Laugh. Smile. Tell a joke.

You'll be amazed to find unconscious behaviors, little gestures that you aren't aware of.

For instance, I have this habit of wobbling my head slightly especially when I laugh. I also have a slight bob. I don't like it. It is unsightly. It is ungainly.

Do a self analysis and find out what good habits you'll like to develop.

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Mirror and video camera on the wall, can you tell me what I need to work on?