My Elegant Lady

by Samantha
(Nottingham, UK)

My lady would smile at herself every day. A true smile, a genuine smile.

My lady would walk with a spring in her step. The simple happiness of a new day. New opportunities.
My lady would never sacrifice her loves for others.
My lady would turn her heart away from other's opinions, but graciously perk up her ears to them.
My lady would greet people on the street, unafraid of strangers and fellow people.
My lady would believe in her dreams and follow them, no matter how unachievable to others.
My lady would refuse to conform.
My lady would spend time with animals and children.
My lady would stay within her childish loves forever.
My lady would draw strength from herself, and rise above adversity.
My lady would be pleasant and lovely, and would be described as so.
My lady's voice would be like a disney's tune, breeding a sense of comfort and happiness to others.

My lady would believe in herself.
My lady would show her love freely.
My lady would love her family and friends and her partner.
My lady would keep her spirit happy and free-flowing, appreciating the simple things.
My lady would be polite and cheerful, but funny and witty.
My lady would have a huge amount of books, of all topics, both child and adult.
My lady would open her window every morning with the most beaming smile in the neighborhood.
My lady would have unique hobbies. 
My lady wouldn't be taken in by huge social circles. She would only have three to four genuine life-long friends.
My lady would accept her flaws just as freely as her perfections.
My lady would be well-groomed and would have her own unique style.

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