Negligees and House dresses

An Elegant Tradition

Negligees and House dresses are elegant traditions. Read to find out why and how it affects your elegance, even when you think no one is looking!

Do you realize we make more effort in dressing up when we're going out than at home?

What if we are stay-home women? Do we still need to dress up?

Marcia Cross as Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives serve as
inspiration as the most elegant housewife. See other elegant women.

Why Is It Important To Dress Up?

Why dress up if nobody really sees us at home?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, dressing up is good for your self esteem and confidence. We answer the home phone better, are ready to open the door to the postman, and can leave in a fly if we need to.

We also set good grooming examples to our children. Our husbands are happier to come home to an attractive wife.


You feel more elegant and poised. You get about your day in a better frame of mind, feeling attractive especially if you walk by your own reflection.

Being properly dressed at home need not be uncomfortable. There are many things you can wear to look good and feel comfortable. Overall, it is a good habit to be well dressed at all times.

There are two kinds of clothes are traditionally worn at home, Negligees and House Dresses.

What is the House Dress?


Similar with the purpose of the use of a "Housekeeping" uniform, this is a dress or outfit to be worn at home that is good looking (should you need to hurry out the door), comfortable, airy and low maintenance. It should be easy to get in and out of them.

This is worn all day as we go about our day. We can cook in it, attend to the children, tend to the garden, clean, and go out in it if we have to.

Women usually wear this until they change into their night gowns in the evening.

Purpose of the housedress is to simplify your life, so you don't have to search for clothes every time you change an "activity". This is especially useful for us women because we play many roles in life.

It needn't be something you think (or fret) about, like styling an outfit just so you can look good to go to the mall. But rather, the purpose of the housedress is something you can put on easily and yet feel confident and good.

Many women neglect what they wear at home, naturally with their busy lives. However, if we stop to think, hey, if I can make an effort to dress nice for our friends, why not make an effort to those at home?

Where Do I Get A House Dress?

A house dress is not necessarily something you buy like how you buy a cocktail dress. The "House dress" is rather a concept. It could be a series of white blouses and pale beige skirts and pants that you wear during the week. It could consist of a small wardrobe of three to seven outfits that make one load of laundry.

Ideally, I like having them made. They are usually tailored with cotton and linen into little sleeveless pale colored dresses.

If I travel to a country where tailoring is inexpensive, I try to get them made there. Sometimes you can get these inexpensive quality clothes from a departmental store. It's more about determining what you can wear everyday and feel comfortable and confident in.

Some Suggestions on "Picking" out your House Dress

  • Pick breathable fabric
  • a silk top with a-line cotton skirt
  • cotton dresses that are slightly larger and about knee length
  • beige linen pants with a cotton sleeveless top
  • linen dresses

Negligees and House Dresses are a big part of your everyday wardrobe if you work from home.

What are Negligees?


A negligee is a woman's light dressing gown, typically made of a filmsy, soft fabric.

It originated in the mid 18th century (denoting a kind of loose gown worn by women in the 18th century) from the French.

It literally means ... 'given little thought or attention', feminine past participle of 'negliger' to neglect.

Traditionally, the negligee is like a night gown, worn in the evenings very much after a dinner or a few hours before heading to bed. Usually they are not seen by other members of the house because everyone has gone up to their rooms.

What does it mean for us in modern society?

This elegant tradition of negligee is inspiring...have you seen how beautiful these vintage negligees look?

Looking back, all these freebie T-shirts that we sleep in do not look elegant at all...

Teal Negligee

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