No intention of inviting children from previous marriage.

by Anne
(Hoboken, NJ, USA)

My brother recently remarried, And we are close to his ex and 1st marriage children. The new wife wants her 3 children invited to my daughteers' wedding this August. What is the protocol for this.? My brother and new wife are invited but we had no intention of inviting her children from a previous marriage.

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Aug 07, 2015
Step son NEW
by: Anonymous

My heart is broken. My brother's step daughter is getting married. My husband and I are in a second marriage and we both have one child. (Adult late 20's ). My son was invited to the wedding but my step son was not. This is outrageous to me. If you invite one you invite both. Considering this is a step child wedding who should know better. I am upset and don't want to go. What should I do?

May 03, 2010
Good Idea
by: Anonymous

That is what I think is best

Yes, Cousins of the bride are invited. These new inlaws have been less than gracious and caused much heartache in the family. The recently added cousins are, I believe, away at school at time .

I will take you advice and tactfully discuss....

Thanks.... any other thoughts, welcome.

May 03, 2010
It is Your Choice
by: Eunice

I suppose you are inviting the children of your brother's first marriage?

Unfortunately there are no rules in etiquette on this. The right to issue an invitation belongs to the host of the party or wedding.

I suggest if you do not want your brother's step-children to be there, it's best to let your brother know soon. Talk to him about it and explain the costs, or be really upfront about it in a gentle way.

OR come up with a really good excuse. It's sometimes kinder that way.

May 03, 2010
Invitation to childreen from previous marriage
by: Anonymous

I understand the sentiment but at $260 per person, 3 additional persons that the bride does not know nor has any relationship with is a burden. Did I mention , this inlaw had excluded the bride and family from every function held at her home.

I need a hard & fast rule of Miss Manners or Peggy Post on this.... does anyone know for sure what the protocol is in this situation.


May 03, 2010
previous children
by: Anonymous

Although you don't condsider them your relatives, they are still a part of your family. To save hard feeling within your circle, you should invite your brothers step children.

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