Other brides in the family...

by tryingtobeabride
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Hello Everyone

I am looking for some advice and opinions on an issue I have at the moment

Firstly, do you think its unreasonable if there are two brides-to-be in the family, that they should be considerate of each other when choosing wedding dates? I have been engaged for 18 months, and had to delay our wedding once already due to illness. I recovered some time ago, and began planning the wedding all over again, only to have my cousin announce her engagement, and wedding date all in the one phone call. As luck would have it, she set her date incredibly close to mine, and to date, she has still not called to enquire if there is a conflict of dates. I have subsequently cancelled my wedding again; our family couldn't cope with two big weddings within 3 weeks of each other.

So, my second question is, under these circumstances, should I say something to her about this?

Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about this,
Thanks in advance :)

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Oct 22, 2012
Think more about it NEW
by: Anonymous

Just take care of this problem! You don't want quarrel with her right? just talk with her...Maybe she has a better way to solve it! Good luck!

Jul 31, 2012
Two's a crowd? NEW
by: Meredith

I don't see an issue with your cousin's behavior. There is no issue with two brides in a family anymore than there is an issue with two birthdays or two graduations. Your family will want to celebrate life milestones with both of you.

Perhaps you tried the wrong tactic, instead of moving the wedding further apart, why not closer together? This would be a nice option if your cousin lives close to you, so family would not have to travel more than once.

Feb 10, 2012
Other brides in the family NEW
by: B

There is no magic rule in regards to how far apart wedding dates should be. As long as the dates are not on the same day or weekend there should not be a problem. This sounds like a self esteem issue on your part as well as some selfishness. Selecting a wedding date is difficult enough. Forcing other family members to select a date months away from yours is not something to be proud of. This makes them wait for a different season and possibly a different year just to please you. Having a poor attitude only will make family and friends feel uncomfortable and dreading the months until both of the weddings are over! This is not something you want therefore focus on yourself and your groom. Be a happy and courteous bride. Your day will be perfect because you will be the BRIDE. Family and friends In common with both yourself, fiance and the other couple with be pleased for both of you. They will attend your shower and wedding as well as theirs. Get over the bridezilla act. It is not becoming. It takes away from this wonderful event in your life and makes you appear insecure. Put a little sugar in your lemonade and you will soon find how much sweeter your life becomes.

Mar 22, 2011
First come...
by: Anonymous

It would have been nice if she had asked you first, but when it comes right down to it, it is only the bride and groom whose opinions matter on a wedding date. It also sounds like she did not know that you had set a new wedding date. If you wanted your entire extended family to block out three weeks of social obligations for your wedding you should have announced the date.

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