Elegant Posture

For Health, Poise and Elegance

One looks more elegant when she has good posture.

Good posture contributes to an elegant poise. Years ago, women invested in posture lessons and learned how to walk properly. It was as important as learning to put on make up. See posture photographs and learn about your own posture's body language.

What is Posture?

It is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down.

A perfect stance has also been referred to as a 'proper form' or 'stance'. It is important to have a proper form no matter what you do!

A proper form means 'the best position for your body' to be in where it is most efficient. That means the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement.

Be Elegantly Poised

A couple of decades ago, women invested in posture lessons and learnt how to walk properly. It was as important as learning to put make up on. You can say having good posture is like putting on make up for the body. Focusing on good posture contributes to graceful movement and elegant gestures.

Good posture contributes to good health. It holds your body up, helps you breathe better and reduces back pain. It prevents the spine from forming abnormal positions. You can also prevent other future health problems like arthritis, fatigue by correcting your posture and developing good posture benefits.

What does stance in good posture mean?

A correct stance ensures that the bones and joints are in the correct alignment to able your muscles to be used properly.

It is one of the many secrets of developing poise.

Learning Good Posture

First and foremost, good posture has to be learned. We have to train our body to stand, walk, sit and lie in the most efficient positions.

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Assess Yourself

You first must assess yourself.

Like I've recommended earlier, have someone videotape your walk, or movements.

However you can begin by examining your recent photos - the ones you took last weekend. Study carefully how you sit, (we often have pictures of the dinner table in front of our food), stand next to your friends or in front of the beach etc.

alt text
My bad posture.
alt text
A better posture.

Do you have rounded shoulders?

Study your photos or movements in a large mirror.

You'll be able to get a good idea of how much to work on your posture.

I had always assumed I was aware of my bearing. Though I think one can never be too 'aware'. I look forward to when I no longer think about it, when my muscle memory takes over.

Gain Self Awareness Of Your Posture

Awareness of your stance is the first step.

Once you identify your weaknesses, you can begin working on them. Standing, sitting, walking...

Meanwhile, I'll recommend ballet classes for you or your children too. Good posture comes from having a strong core as well. Search 'Core Strengthening' exercises. They help you develop a stronger torso and back to hold you up (elegant posture).

With a strong core, your muscles help you stand up straight. (Though you might not want to get too muscly and end up looking stiff and manly.)

Continue to learn about Elegant, good posture in my next article - Correcting Bad Posture.

Thank you for reading 'Good Posture'!

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