25 Random Things About Me

1. I love coffee. My favorite is a soy latte though I'm happy with all the other brews.

2. I love love skiing. Obviously I can't ski all day long especially not when I live in less than cold climates so I try to take up other sports. Currently I really like golf and tennis.

3. I love love love ballet. My preference is to be at ballet class more so than to watch the ballet all day.

4. I enjoy reading, writing, painting, watching musicals. I love the creative arts: dancing, designing, decorating, languages, cuisines etc. I'm probably 90% right-brained.

5. I value beauty. I appreciate the beauty in a garden, home, handwriting, in movement or someone's manners. Its a joy for me to transform something to beauty. I also believe in aesthetics - hence I enjoy decorating and designing.

6. When I was 6 years old, I stumbled upon a picture of a lady from Victorian times in the encyclopedia. I then made up my mind that when I grew up I would move to "that country where everyone wore those overflowing dresses with a tight waist".

How pretty! I wonder how they did their laundry though

7. I started my first business when I was 7, by renting out storybooks to my friends during reading time. I saved them from detention if they didn't bring a book or sometimes they just got bored reading what they had. I charged per period, and per day there after. My bulging bag was never an issue, as I rode the school bus everyday.

8. I always love an adventure. At primary one, I took the public bus home for three days straight before I was caught. The school bus auntie ratted on me. I cannot imagine how I could have done that. If I were my mom, I'd flip.

9. The first present I ever bought was for my mom was a purple mechanical pencil with sparkles on it. I had saved up for it. It was my first time buying something ever and I remember being nervous. It was a significant moment - it was my debut to shopping.

10. I entertained from young age. I threw a lot of tea parties for my teddy bears. It was real tea, cake and cookies. I had a checkered table cloth or picnic mats, along with plates, cups and a basket.

11. I always wondered how swear words came about. I tried to invent one, unfortunately, it didn't catch on.

12. I like coming up with 'theories' even when I was little. I theorized why other countries were richer than others. I figured they must have money printing machines, and the less affluent countries often had their machines broken down. I told this story to my economics tutor and she was so inspired, she incorporated my theory into her lectures at her college.

13. I always thought I would grow out of my mischievousness. But I think its here to stay.

14. Before bed, I would pray as a little girl and ask for the whole world's sin to be forgiven. I figured that now everyone will go to heaven. I later learnt the concept of choice. And that the way to heaven is through Jesus not through mere forgiveness of sins.

15. I thoroughly enjoy creative problem solving. I absolutely loved those outside-the-box-thinking problem sums more than Mathematics itself. I once was in the top 3 in a Mensa quiz at school and was thoroughly surprised. I truly I had no idea how I won. I think I do best when I'm given a lot of freedom. For instance, once I won the Science Speech contest because I was allowed to challenge science theories in movies e.g.Jurassic Park, Invisible Men etc. I also won a "Most Creative Invention" contest (though I can't remember what invention-imagination I submitted.)

16. My career aspiration: I had always wanted to be Belle from Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Though I think in terms of character, I'm a cross between Ariel (from the Little Mermaid) and Belle.

I identified with these women

I was such a bookworm, my mom would often find me engrossed in my book on a bench on my way home if I didn't come home at my usual time.

17. My mom once took me to an auditioning when I was eleven and I got my first modeling assignment. I skipped school for several days and was surprised I got away with it.

18. The only time I ever stole was when I was thirteen and it was a Hello Kitty bottle of perfume.

19. I am guilty of throwing wet toilet paper onto the ceiling in high school and junior college. I am also guilty of going a step further and making those gobs colorful with water color paint. My principal once withheld toilet paper for a month to put an end to it. But you should have seen it, it was quite the sight. Isn't it interesting how they stick forever? Fascinating.

20. I was stopped by a police car in Sydney with sirens flashing at me once because I beat the red light. I'm not too proud of it but its amazing I talked him out of giving me a $250 ticket. I said I was lost and was reading the signs - I wasn't speeding and there was a warning issued that there was debris on the road.

21. If I could participate in two reality TV programs, it so would be The Amazing Race and The Apprentice.

22. I am a dreamer. I have dreams about every area of my life. I have constructed, planned dreams and wandering, free-spirited dreams. Teachers have always commented that I've been a dreamer from day one. I don't toil hard after those dreams though. I go with instinct and let the peace of God guide me.

23. I really enjoy fashion but I don't care too much about it. I prefer elegance over fashion and value timelessness.

24. I enjoy being a woman. I appreciate femininity and feel really blessed to be of the fairer sex. My favorite movie of all time is My Fair Lady.

25. I am an encourager. I always believe the dreams in one's heart are God-given, God-breathed and God-inspired. If you hang out with me long enough, you'll find me always rooting for you and believing in you and your dreams. I think one of my natural gifts in life is to be a constant cheerleader to people around me.

Thank you for reading this page!

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