Reading someone's diary

by step mother
(seattle wa)

My step daughter came across my journal and read it. It was not laying out where anyone could just see it though it was not in a deep dark secret place either. I had no idea that she would even be in my house when she was. I was furious and tearfully told her how upset I was. Her father never said a word to her about her disrespect. He blamed me for having a journal (he does not think people should write things down). As a 16 year old girl shouldn't she have been scolded and explained peoples right to privacy. That she wouldn't want her journal read therefore don't read others?

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Jul 08, 2015
Being a bit harsh NEW
by: Anonymous

I see your point and I don't think anyone should read someone's diary but you are being a bit harsh about it maybe she didn't know it was personal and you might be hurting her feelings by posting this you should not be so upset you should calmly tell her that it was private and not to do it again I am sure she would have listened to you but now that you have gone and posted it she probably scared of you do you really want a daughter who is scared of you or one who listens to you and loves you

Dec 07, 2014
No.. NEW
by: Anonymous

That's is so horrible... My parents were always extremely strict about not reading another person's private things, especially their diary! My parents even say that THEY do not have permission to read my diary.. It is a very personal thing, and should be only read by people whom you allow.
(I live in Kent, WA) :D

Oct 17, 2011
dont look at someones diary
by: Anonymous

you shouldnt look in someones siary because they might have something they dont want you to know about

Mar 08, 2011
You're in quite a pickle here!
by: Anonymous

Thats messed up,sister!
Hubby doesn't agree and the daughter is raiding your privacy. Well, what's there to do?
Just because she's 16 doesn't mean that she shouldn't be punished for her wrongdoings. Your hubby is wrong to defend her and think that. As for the step-daughter, I hope you'll(if you haven't already), confront her again and ask her firmly not to look through your personal belongings. You should keep your diary in a much safer place where she can't get at. Good luck..

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