Receiving GIfts Even Though Invitations Say 'No Gifts Please'

by Rachael
(Staunton, VA)

We are having a birthday party for my one year old daughter. We are inviting about 40 people, close friends and family. On the invite, we put "No Gifts Please" My question is, if people still bring gifts, how should we handle it? Do we have Belle Carson open them as they come in or just have a place to put them?

We don't want people to feel bad for not bringing a gift but we don't want to upset people who might want to see her open the gift that they brought.

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Nov 11, 2015
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Mar 31, 2010
Don't fret
by: Anonymous

We have been to many birthday parties the have expressly stated "no gifts please" and I have always honored that wish. But poeple give because they want to. I never feel bad or thoghtless if I see gifts and didn't bring one. Accept them graciously, leave them out for all to see, and open when you wish. Even if I didn't bring a gift, I still like to see them opened. And don;t forget to send thnak you's afterwards. I am one of those people that still likes to have my gift (when I bring one) acknowledged. But I don't stand on the formality of having to receive it in the mail. It can be hand delivered if it is someone I see frequently.

Mar 03, 2010
Just put them away or hide it
by: Kate

Put the gifts you bring in a private room at the back. Do not display the gifts out for the non gifts bringers to see.

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