Fascinating Womanhood Week Three

I'll be a wife and mother first, then First Lady - Jackie Kennedy
Readings for this week: Chapters 7 - 11

Chapters that we will cover are : Masculine and Feminine Roles, The Guide or Leader, The Protector, The Provider, Family Finances

"Mother must be returned to the home. The standard of living is a fictitious thing. Marriage, imperfect as it is, it is still the best solution we have to keep the family intact. It is a woman's primordial function to stay home and raise the children. She should not join the hunt with men. A man, too feels less like a man when his wife works. If you don't leave a family of decent kids behind, you have left nothing. The footprints we leave on the sands of time are soon blown away. Basic to the solution of adolescent problems of any generation is an intact home.

Where is your key?

Fascinating Womanhood Key

Tell me more about your key. What is it? How do you make yourself happy?

Your Love Booklet

What loving responses did you get when practicing Fascinating Womanhood principles? Remember to record them. This love booklet is a beautiful thing to do, imagine what you'll have when you look back ten years later! It helps us to be appreciative.

Assignment Three

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Part 1: Masculine & Feminine Roles

What do you think the roles of men and women as described in the book?

How do you help him fill these needs?

Why should the man lead?

How do you honor him as the guide? Do you have any struggles in this area?

In what ways do you become the perfect follower?

Write down some reminders for yourself on how to give feminine advice

Note: Give advice only when important or when he asks for it. Especially avoid giving too many suggestions. Subtle as you may be, he will feel it a threat to his leadership, that you don't trust his judgement. If you have been doing this, stop completely for a while, to unlearn this habit.

Remember: It is better to let a man have his way and fail, than to stand in his way and make him feel thwarted.

Part 2: The Leader

A Christian Writer's View on The Husband's Leadership

"The wife should never follow her judgment in preference to that of her husband, for if her husband desire to do right, but errs in judgment, the Lord will bless her in endeavoring to carry out his counsels; for God has placed him at the head and though he may err in judgement, yet God will not justify the wife in disregarding his instructions and counsels, for greater is the sin of rebellion than the errors which arise form want to judgement; therefore, she would be condemned for suffering her will to arise against his."

"Be obedient and God will cause all things to work for good and He will correct the errors of the husband in due time. A wife will lose the spirit of God in refusing to obey the counsel of her husband." Orson Pratt

Tell your husband this week "I don't know what we would do without you."

Record loving things he says or does in your Love Booklet

Part 3: The Protector

A man needs to function, feel needed and excel women as a protector.

Does your husband function as a protector? Is he needed? Do you do masculine things better than he does?

Check the following:

  1. If my husband does not get his chores done the house I do them for him to get them out of the way.
  2. I feel capable of doing anything a man can do, so I do not ask my husband for help in the heavy work.
  3. If I have to do a man's job I try to do it as well or better than a man could.
  4. There are some masculine jobs I like doing so I want to continue.
  5. My husband appreciates my help with his work, so I feel I should continue to do it.
  6. I dislike doing the man's work, or taking masculine responsibility but do not know how to get out of it. I would like to be completely free from it.

Remember: A man only delights in protecting a woman who needs his masculine care and assistance, or at least appears to need it.

List the reasons why the man should provide as outlined in the book?

What should be provide and what is not his responsibility to provide?

In what ways can you help him in his pressing responsibility to provide the living?

He wants esteem from everyone, but especially from his wife. He wants to be a hero in your eyes.

Do you make any of the mistakes which affect his feeling of status?

Financial responsibilities of husband:

  1. Provide the income
  2. Manage the money
  3. Concern, worry

Financial responsibilities of the wife:

  1. Be thrifty.
  2. Cooperate with his financial plans
  3. Provide a peaceful home life

Review What A Man Should Provide

Simply stated, the man should provide the necessities. This means food, clothing, and a shelter, plus a few comforts and conveniences...Through all generations of time it has been recognized that when a man marries, his wife and children are entitled to his financial support. Failure to meet this obligation has been just cause for divorce, and even after the marriage separation, a man is still under financial obligation. Financial support, and along with this, fidelity have always been the two main entitlements for a woman in marriage. But whether these laws remain in force or not, the moral and sacred obligation is just as binding, the need just as great.

"Although a man has a sacred and binding obligation to provide the necessities, he is under no obligation to provide luxuries. Women and children are not entitled to ease and luxury, to style and elegance. His duty is not to provide a costly home, expensive furniture and decor.

Concerning the education of his children, he has an obligation to provide a basic education, music lessons, the arts and cultures. He may wish to provide these, and it may bring him much pleasure to do so, but it's not mandatory.

In providing a high standard of living, some men make near economic slaves of themselves, with great disadvantage to themselves and their families. Too often a man is so consumed with meeting ever-increasing demands, not only by his family, but by himself, that he does not preserve himself for things of greater value.

He has little time to give his wife and children, time to teach them the values of life, how to live, standards to follow, and time to build strong family ties.

A man is also entitled to time for himself, for recreation, study and meditation." - quote'Man of Steel and Velvet'

Do you have a Wife's budget?

A simple solution to common money problems is the wife's household budget, which covers food, clothing, household goods, personal items, or anything in regular demand. It should not include occasional things like furniture, appliances, major household repairs, or remodeling. The budget should be advanced weekly or monthly. It should be a fair allowance, based on the husband's income, but hopefully generous enough to have some left over. This you should be allowed to keep, to save or spend as you please, with no questions asked. This provides personal freedom and incentive to be thrifty. - Quote from F.W.

Check if you do any of this

Why I Handle Finances

  1. Makes me feel important and intelligent.
  2. I enjoy the challenge.
  3. To relieve my husband of this burden.
  4. My husband is not qualified. I am more capable of handling the money.
  5. I feel into routine at the start of marriage.
  6. My husband insists I do it. He doesn't want to.

Handling Finances Causes Me Problems

  1. I worry about mounting expenses and financial emergencies
  2. Because of money worries, I am not as effective as a wife and mother.
  3. My husband and children do not understand my distress over money.
  4. We have frequent arguments over money.
  5. My husband accuses me of wasting money, and blames me for our financial problems.
  6. He is not aware of what I need for groceries, clothing, utilities, home payments, taxes, insurance.
  7. He frequently says, "Where does all the money go?"
  8. He might consult me to make a decision about a job change, car purchase, investment, etc.
  9. He helps himself to money I have managed to save from the monthly expenses.
  10. He runs up bills for sporting gear, entertainment, hardware, etc, without consulting me.
  11. He worries less about money than I do.
  12. I am upset when he buys me an expensive gift. I think of other ways the money could be spent.
If these problems distress you, ask your husband to take over the financial role.
"Home bears the same relationship to our lives that the sun does to the planets of the solar system. Everything in the solar system revolves around the sun. The sun not only furnishes light and heat but it also holds the solar system together. If the sun were to disintegrate, the solar system would fly to pieces." -
'The Way to Success' by Sterling W. Sill

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