Rude Behaviour

by David

My stepdaughter came on a international vacation with us to a timeshare. While she was there she decided that she would like to purchase a dog.

We were staying at a timeshare, her mother and I own that specifically states no pets allowed.

She secretly approached a staff member to see if she could bring the pet on site. This staff member was a timeshare sales team member who had no authority concerning the breaking of the no pet rules. This person said that maybe it could be done.

Armed with this information the step-daughter took it upon herself to secretly access my reservation and add a kennel to the flight reservation. She not only added the kennel but had the tickets exchanged for a lower price and then used the credit to pay for the lions share of the cost of the kennel.

The day before we were going to leave she sent her son to ask if it would be alright to bring the dog back with us. When I explained that there was a policy against pets. We found out about the step-daughter approaching the sales staff at the resort for permission.

When I stated that there may be a problem with transportation I was informed that wouldn't be a problem because the airline had said they would be able to bring the dog back in a kennel.

My spouse and I decided to check with the staff concerning the pet policy. As we were going to the clubhouse we received a cell call from the stepdaughter that she was cancelling her idea.
We still checked and were told absolutely no pets and if a pet did come onto the grounds there would be a 200.00 fine and the pet would have to leave immediately.

I then tried to reserve specific seats and was unable to do so. When I called to find out why there was a problem is when I was informed of the seat exchange and kennel purchase.

The stepdaughter feels she did nothing wrong and did not need to inform us of any of this for the reason that she is a 40 year old adult and does not need our permission.

We feel that as the owners of the reservations and timeshare we had a right to know that she was accessing our tickets and negotiating our contract with the resort.

What is your opinion?

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Two Choices. Live with it or Put Your Foot Down.
by: Eunice

No matter what, she should not have the right to access your tickets and reservation. You should take it up with the airline and your timeshare and ensure that they did not do it again.

Regarding the pet, if it says no pets allowed, then it is not the matter of 'solving the problem' because you are sharing the space with others. There must have been a breakdown in communication with your daughter because it sounds like she has been doing things behind your back or without your knowledge.

Yes she is right that she can do whatever she wants as a 40 year old, but definitely not to your timeshare and your tickets because you own them. Let her stay in her own place if she holidays with you the moment you realize she wants to bring her dog. It may not be pleasant but either you 'make do' with her inconsiderate behaviour, or you make a stand and put a stop to it.

I don't think there is a right or wrong because all families have issues with each other from time to time and we ALL have to make one of those choices.

So take that into account, accept her behaviour and try to live as happy as you can with it, if you can't, then you'll have to kick up some fuss.

All the best. You are definitely not alone in this.

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