Saying Hello

by Tiffany
(Atlanta, GA)

What is proper, to enter a room and speak to people when you first enter or wait until they are finished talking amongst themselves to speak.

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Jan 09, 2015
Performing signs and wonders NEW
by: Annabel Keso

***Season Greetings from Sir Guru Golden Temple Of Wonders***

New year blessings coming your way as the Holy Prophet 'Sir Guru' returns from a recent annual Mount Zion 41days Holy visit with the Most high> Golden Temple invites the world cherubim and seraphim both home and abroad to witness the Wonders of God as this year begins 'Golden Temple of Wonders' brings out the word of peace onto you.

Be a part of the happy ones who will witness with divine joy and blessings as 'Sir Guru Golden Temple of Wonders brings a life time opportunity to call Sir Guru Golden Temple of Wonders a Spiritual Christian Church with membership in the Christian Association of United Kingdom and West Africa , Organization of African Instituted Churches and the World Council of Churches. Membership is open to people of all race, age and no sex discrimination .

The Order believes in the Holy Bible as the word of God and in salvation through Jesus Christ and in the Trinity in unity, the use of incense, purification by prayer and fasting and resurrection of the dead. Its first and primary work is that of prayer and preaching of the gospel. It believes in the curative effect of prayer for all afflictions, spiritual and temporal, but condemns and abhors the use of charms or fetish witchcraft or sorcery of any kind and all heathenish sacrifices and practices. It is not averse to the judicious use of curative herbs, the engagement of qualified medical practitioners or doctors or the use of patent medicines or other drugs. It endorses and practices the sanctification of water by prayer and the effect of such consecrated water for every purpose.

***Sir Guru Golden Temple of Wonders***

Will be attending to the general public 'member of the Cherubim and Seraphim and to none members seeking for specific solutions as follows,

...Having problems with your relationship

...Working on repairing a damaged relationship

...Searching for meaning in every day struggles

...Struggling for perspectives on current events

...Gift of the Womb 'special prayer for women seeking for divine favor

...Financial Stability

...Unemployed seeking for Jobs

...Seeking for Promotion

...Divine Health restoration


***NOTE***; This message is authorized for post by The Cherubim and Seraphim movement church and The Eternal Sacred Order Of The Cherubim and Seraphim.

***For consultation booking with his Holiness***

Most-Evangelist Dr Olokun James



Email address :


Dec 24, 2014
saying hello NEW
by: Anonymous

it is extremely rude not to say hello

Dec 24, 2014
saying hello NEW
by: Anonymous

it is extremely rude not to say hello

Jun 24, 2014
Entering a Room NEW
by: KC

I was always taught that when entering a room, the person entering is suppose to give their salutations. Unfortunately the youth of today are not of the same mind. They will walk into a room and say absolutely nothing which I find completely rude =/

May 08, 2010
Eunice Replies
by: Eunice replies

Just stand around or near your friends. Approach gently, of course. When they turn to acknowledge your presence, say your hellos.

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