School Manners For Elegance and Sophistication

School Manners - A list of basic etiquette for those who want to be established in elegance and sophistication! related searchers: lady manners school, school of manners, proper manners, manners

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I believe that manners and etiquette are to be learnt, or in other words, schooled.

I'm sure there are a thousand websites telling you about etiquette and manners - it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So, if I could highlight the areas anyone who want to improve on their are these areas:


The Art of Conversation

  • Saying please, thank you, hello, good bye.
  • Learning to do proper introductions, or to introduce yourself when not properly being introduced.
  • Asking the right questions; not intrusive ones
  • Learning how to express yourself and keep opinions about things to yourself.
  • Being comfortable in a social situation
  • Not to give advice whenever in conversation unless asked.
  • Wearing the right clothes as per occasion.
  • To be perfectly groomed

See more in the Art of Conversation

School Manners in Character

  • To be a good sport
  • To be a good friend does not repeat a private conversation
  • Favors are given whenever capable
  • Favors are repaid
  • On time
  • Promises are kept
  • To be kind
  • To be generous
  • To never take advantage of others
  • To treat everyone equal, not to look down or treat someone else superior

School Manners in Sophistication

  • To have self-understanding
  • To realize one's strengths and weaknesses
  • To pursue one's passion
  • To live for a greater Cause than oneself
  • To live greater than oneself
  • To work hard and have respect for one's work
  • To be professional at work
  • To have respect for time and money
  • To value life and time over money
  • To value feelings over money
  • To esteem values over money
  • Realizing less is more
  • To seek to increase knowledge and understanding
  • To appreciate beauty
  • To be a good host
  • To host parties generously
  • To love, care and think for others before self
  • See also Mastering the Art of Class.

I hope all these little reminders have inspired you! Take care. :)

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See also Good Manners for Children, if you are thinking of where to start teaching your children.

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