Should I ever pay for a date?

by Melinda

I am going on my 3rd date with a man this weekend. I recently had a conversation with a male friend who said that it is unfair that men are expected to pay for dates. He said most men feel that way. Thus far my date, Neal, has always paid for everything without a hint of irritation but I do not want to give the empression of being greedy by not offering to pay. I do feel that it is appropriate for the man to pay for dates. How should I handle this situation, should I offer, stay quiet or something else?

Thank you for your time, Melinda

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Oct 23, 2010
Be a Lady...
by: CC

I suppose you are on this blog because you are or want to be considered a lady, so my old-fashioned advice would be to never pay for a date unless you plan to dump him. I would only pick up the tab for a guy that I had already figured out wasn't Mr. Right because I didn't want to accept his next offer.

Courting is what dating is all about. You are setting a precedent for your future roles in marriage.

After the single, career woman rat-race, I am now the homemaker and lady-of-the-house while my husband pays for everything. Old-fashioned, but I love it! I feel like a lady who admires him, and he feels like a man who is needed.

Nothing is stopping you from buying or making him a gift, a token of your affection. You could also cook him a nice meal or bake him some cookies sometime.

If you enjoy his company, but sense that money is tight, you could gently suggest an inexpensive (or free) activity now and then. Picnics, free concerts, moonlight walks on a beach--be creative!

Good luck!

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