Simple Elegant Wedding Dress Ideas

If a simple elegant wedding dress is what you are looking for, browse these understatedly glamorous and elegant collection of wedding dresses for some ideas.

So you've always wanted simple elegant wedding dress.

Maybe simple and elegant is more your style. Perhaps it is your second wedding and you feel it is more appropriate.

Here is a collection of my favorite simple and elegant wedding dresses.

Simple Elegant Wedding Dress #1

simple elegant wedding dress

The easiest way to get rid of the frills and the fluff is to get your wedding dress tailored!

I found this dress pattern at a sewing shop for a couple dollars.

My favourite part of this dress? The cowl scoop neckline of the back of the dress.

The tailored waist looks extremely elegant with the gloves.

Elegant Simple Wedding Dress #2

simple elegant wedding dress

There is elegant simplicity about the grecian inspired style dress.

It is very flattering on the waist and it hangs loosely on your shoulders.

Add a little bronzer for a sun-kissed look and you have the complete 'goddess' look.

Simple yet sophisticated

Elegant Simple Wedding Dress #3

simple elegant wedding dress

This dress style is elegance with a modern twist.

It is a combination of structure (top half) and movement, freedom and flow (bottom half)

Because the dress itself is so interesting, you don't need any more fancy wedding dress accessories.

Wear a loose chignon, natural make up and you're glamorously chic and understated.

Elegant Simple Wedding Dress #4

Rachel Zoe (celebrity stylist) once said, she's forever stuck in the 70s because she thinks that is the age of glamour.

To some extent, I agree (and disagree). The 70s, is the age for casual glamour. The 20s were freedom and liberation from women's corsets but the 50s and 60s had a great balance between structure and comfort. In the 70s, more women's liberation where male and female clothing start to resemble each other.

There was more freedom and expression in the world and people were making statements and rejecting the social norms and social expectations.

Perhaps that is why the 70s is always trademarked with a hippy, bohemian, free-flow style.

If that is you have a similar personality carefree and free-spirited, a free-flow elegantly simple wedding dress is perfect.

simple elegant wedding dress

The soft chiffon sleeves almost have a poetic element to it.

Elegant Simple Wedding Dress #5

An inspiration from the 1920s flapper look.

simple elegant wedding dress

Love the combination of the neckline, the long strand of pearls and the wedding headband.

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