Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses Ideas

View our collection of simple elegant wedding dresses for ideas. Further information below on how to pick your wedding dress according to body type.

Pretty in a 'lace' motif.

simple elegant wedding dresses

Simplicity at its finest.

simple elegant wedding dresses

Understated glamour.

Elegant Sophistication

simple elegant wedding dresses

Referencing fashion history and probably Coco Chanel.

Vintage glamour

simple elegant wedding dresses

Contemporary elegance

simple elegant wedding dresses

How To Choose A Simple Elegant Wedding Dress

If you are not into strapless ball gowns, yet you're not sure on how to choose the right dress from the sea of simple elegant wedding dresses, read on

Adapted loosely and modified from

The A line dress.

A gown with a panel or seam(s) running up the front. The unbroken lines give you height.

Floor length Empire waists

are one of your best options. The vertical line gives an illusion of height. It is not recommended if you have a beautiful hour glass figures, where you should be accentuating those curves.

V or U-neck?

They give the impression of a longer neck. This is unless you are not bony at your chest area. Stay away from a revealing or V-U neck which might cheapen the look.

Mermaid cut.

If you're slim and petite consider this style. It's fitted like an evening gown up top and has all the bounce and swirl of a ball gown below. Not recommended if you have a tummy or imperfect posture but it can be minimized with a girdle. A-line.

"Think of it as your very own scaled down version of a ball gown." - Bride Chic

Columnar Silhouettes

Sheath and evening gown silhouettes, long and columnar will flatter your figure.

For a slim look

Focus on "length" over "volume" in your skirt part of your wedding dress.

Long and Straight Sleeves

Choose sleeves that are long and straight, instead of puffy and big shoulder pads. (Think Princess Diana's gown which looks dated because of puffy sleeves compared to Princess Grace of Monaco)

What about prints, lace, motifs, beads and sequins?

Prints, lace, any motifs, beaded/sequined patterns should be scaled down and worn on the upper portions of the body. Busy designs below the waist (even small ones) draw all eyes downward.

Soft and Sheer Fabrics for Elegance

Use soft and sheer fabrics like crepe and chiffon that drape to the body, to create a delicate elegance.


"Any ball gown. The volume in the skirts will consume you."
- Bride Chic

Of course, if you love it, go for it. Otherwise, this is for those who are very tall or if you are in a room full of other women in ballgowns.

Avoid belts, sashes and cummberbunds

Belts, sashes and cummerbunds interrupt the vertical lines you want to create - definitely! If you do wear a sash or belt go thin and as close to the shade of your gown as you can get.

This is of course, unless you have plenty of height to spare.

Elegant Wedding Dress Accessories

With simple elegance in your dress, you can afford to have some dressy wedding dress accessories like an unusual veil, a blue bird in her hair...

It can be a statement of who you are, done tastefully of course.

Wedding dress accessories can create and enhance elegance in your simple elegant wedding dress. Or to make it a little more sophisticated.

See also elegant wedding dress accessories.

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