Sophisticated Hair and Hairstyles

A video gallery of sophisticated hair, elegant sophisticated hair, elegant formal hairstyles, elegant prom hairstyles etc."

This is one of my favorite pages, especially when I want learn how to do a sophisticated hairstyle for a night out.

I literally plonk my laptop in front of my dresser watch the how to do an elegant and formal hairstyle. This video gallery has been handpicked, tested on, in my opinion, the best elegant sophisticated hair.

Leighton Meester's Sophisticated Hair

Leighton Meester's hair never fails to look elegant and sophisticated.

Credit all to Gossip Girls Hair and Make up people.

I'm so much a Leighton Meester fan I especially loved her hair, make up and clothes in Gossip Girl, where she plays the privileged daughter of a Society woman.

To communicate that character of Blair Waldorf, professional stylists in hair, make up and clothes set her in glamorous, sophisticated styles. She is the perfect muse for this page of sophisticated hair.

Below, Katherine Heigl's hair is also another source of inspiration for sophisticated hairstyles.

She is also another elegant woman oozing with poise and perfect carriage, no matter who she plays in her movies.

Sophisticated Elegant Short Hair

After filming one season of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester had a break of a couple of months and decided to go for a short elegant hairstyle.

She shows us that we can still have sophisticated hair with a shorter length of hair.

Even if you don't have short hair, you can tuck it under like how they've shown in the video below. Remember to curl your top section and the hair at the sides.

Featuring Leighton Meester once again, sporting her shoulder length elegant hair.

She is dressed very simply but looking sophisticated and chic.

I love this video of her. It is understatedly elegant.

Sophisticated Hairstyles How To: Red Carpet Hair

Elegant formal Hairstyles Inspired by Katherine Heigl.

I like this particular stylist and follow his hair style videos from time to time.

This look involves a great deal more work than his usual styles, but I think the pay off is unquestionably high.

The Sophisticated Chignon.

This is my favourite sophisticated updo for evening. And it is the perfect elegant wedding hairstyle.

The chignon or the french twist is favorite of the elegant, sophisticated woman. It is also perfect for weddings. You can't go wrong with the classic french twist if you want to be an elegant bride!

If you are wearing it for the evening, make your french twist 'more dramatic'.

For daytime wear, simplicity is chic.

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More elegant formal hairstyles inspired from Dita Von Teese or also known as the vintage 1920-1930s style.

Want More Sophisticated Hair Styles

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