Texting Etiquette

by Sarah
(Fort Worth, TX USA)

I work for a small boutique where the manager has a texting problem. She is the problem! She will text any and all of the employees, when they are at work, on the clock or off, and to top it off- at home, on weekends, and at odd hours of the night!

I have already asked for my personal phone not be used as a means for business communication, yet it continues. I pay for my family's phone plan, and am not exactly attached to my phone like others are- I like to live my life freely without the modern electronic ball and chain.I do not feel obligated to answer these messages.

Should I reiterate that my private phone is not for company usage?

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Sep 06, 2012
Are you on 24-hour call? NEW
by: Anonymous

My opinion is that if you are on the clock when you are at work then your time off of the clock is your time! If she wants to pay you to be available 24-hours a day then she can text you whenever. My husband is paid to answer his phone "whenever" but he gets PAID a lot for it. Stand your ground!!

Oct 16, 2011
What does she need?
by: Anonymous

My employees and I often text each other quick questions or pieces of info we didn't get a chance to pass on during the day. It's less intrusive than a phone call, and we generally answer each other within an hour. But we don't text late at night or when our business is closed unless it's really urgent. I think the real question is why she needs to reach you when you're not at work, and whether there are steps you can take when you are at work to make sure she has everything she needs. If you feel that the reasons she is trying to contact you during your personal time are inappropriate, then stand your ground. But if she is really asking for information that she needs, her business depends on your answer and she can't proceed without the information she is seeking.

May 08, 2010
Just Don't Respond
by: Eunice replies

You've already told her not to use your personal phone for work.

So the next time she texts you, don't respond after work hours.

If she asks, say, "oh, I don't look at my phone that much after work."

When she realizes you don't respond, she'll probably stop texting you.

(Though, I hope it does not affect your job since she is your boss).

Just my two cents.

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