Timeless Style - Elegance is Refusal

Attain timeless style. Learn how to refuse your way to elegance. The 102 on how to achieve unfading classic style.

I will be breaking down the components of How to get Timeless Style in easy to read formats.

How is it that women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace kelly, Natalie Portman amongst other elegant women manage to stay so timelessly beautiful and essentially stylish?

How to Get Timeless Hair

Get a consultation with a good hair stylist to assess your face shape and skin tone. He/she will be able to recommend what kind of hairstyle best suits your face, and the colors that will bring out the color of your eyes and cheeks.

Some women suit cool colors like ash-toned blonds and browns, and others warmer tones like reddish orange tones. I am no expert here. The color of your hair either dulls or brightens your complexion. And I know this, the hair color that you were born with is not necessarily the best for you! Of course, it won't be bad, and it’s up to how far you want to take this little tip.

This also depends on lifestyle. Sure, you now know the best hairstyle for you, but what is the point if you cannot maintain it? You might be too busy, or just cannot imagine spending a few hundred dollars each visit etc etc.

timelessly classically elegant

There are a few classically elegant hairstyles that will suit most, if not all. This is sported by the pedigree class.

They are often found sporting simple chin length bobs, shoulder length hair, soft curls, wavy or straight. If they color their hair, you will never know. They are religious in their roots touch up appointments. They also only wear colors that look natural.

These elegant hairstyles are versatile. You can wear it in a chignon for an elegant evening, blown out for everyday wear, a low pony tail for casual days or just leave it as it is.

Timeless Makeup For A Classically Beautiful Face

For a timeless beautiful face...

Everyday Make up: Wear a light foundation ensuring that it is even (concealing red patches etc) with light brown eye-shadow. Wear a natural blush. If clueless, look for the word "natural" when you shopping. The pedigree class wear either eye shadow or eye liner but never both, especially for day time.

Evening Make up: Wear a heavier foundation because under bright artificial light, you'll look washed out if you don't have enough make up. That is why performers look beautiful on stage but hideous up close and personal. Their make up is probably ten times the amount to accommodate the strong lighting on stage.

You can emphasize your eyes or cheeks, adding more color than you would on day time. See more beauty make up tips.

Timeless Dressing - Elegant Style

Clothes with simple styles in neutral colors or pastel colors are usually ideal. Of course, that depends on what your personality and skin tone.

You want to look like yourself yet be classy.

If you know what colors you wear best, wear them in block colors. Refrain from patterns for now, especially if you have not yet achieved an keen eye on how to pull an elegant look. Stick to clean lines if in doubt.

Unless you are fairly young, keep your clothing choices modest... for example, skirts should be at least knee length or slightly above knee.

timeless elegant style

Picture shows a simple versatile style shirt dress that can be worn to the office on casual friday, to run your daily errands, for travel or for the country.

Preference in choice of clothes for an Elegant Style

  1. A dress

  2. A Blouse and skirt

  3. A Blouse and tailored pants (preferably in light colors over dark)

  4. A Blouse and dark jeans (casual Friday or shopping in the city)

  5. For Sports Lacoste style shirts and khaki long shorts

elegant fashion style

Timeless Shoes

This depends on occasion and lifestyle but generally, ensure you have basics first. This means basic pairs such as black, brown, beige shoes in varying heights. For casual, go for a Tod's style loafers or ballet flats.

See also Elegant Shoes.

Timelessly Elegant Purses & Bags

Stock your purse wardrobe with simple, elegant bags for the appropriate occasion.

The bare minimum you must have is a bag for work which doubles up for your casual everyday bag, an evening bag and a weekend bag.

The work bag should be no larger than an A4 size file. An evening bag should be no larger than to contain some cash, a credit card, phone and a lipstick.

Remember these elegant bag guidelines:

The larger the bag, the more casual. Therefore, the smaller the bag, the more elegant. The more constructed (firm) the more elegant and vice versa.

A weekend bag could be slightly larger and more floppy in form.

Don't be one of those girls who use one bag for everything. You don't want to look like Santa Claus.

Timeless Style - Prioritize Quality

elegant fashion style

It is so tempting to put quality on the back seat.

Use your resourceful instinct to hunt affordable quality clothing. If you do not know what quality clothes should feel like, go shopping in some designer boutiques. Try some of those clothes on, remember how you feel. Pay attention to the fabric and the way it was constructed. Feel the buttons, hems, zip etc.

You'll soon develop an acute taste for quality and learn how to get the same quality clothes at more affordable places.

Timeless Style By Dior

Christian Dior, the legendary designer said so himself. "No elegant woman follows fashion slavishly."

You have to consider your age, your body, your lifestyle, personality amongst other things. Just because it looks good on a model or in a magazine, it does not mean it looks good on you. Just because everyone is wearing it, does not mean you have to wear it too.

Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance- Christian Dior

If you can, have your clothes made to measure. Those would be perfect.

Remember individuality is not an excuse for eccentricity.

See also, personal grooming and Fundamentals of Good Dressing.

Thank you for reading 'Timeless Style'!

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