tired being asked when u will get married

by rara

i'm still single, i'm 30 and still searching for the right man, i think it is important to have man who deserve me :) But it is took time to get to know each other, i'm not a type of woman who will marrying a man in 5 days after meet up. NO !

I get this all the time, people (man, woman) asking me "when?" in my country it refers to "when u will get married?" The intonation is really rude and also sound "you are disappointing your parent by not getting married" and also sound like i'm involved in serious crime of something.

I understand someone who asking that question is my close friend, the intonation and it sound like friendly.

My bad experience when i went to my cousin baby shower, there is an old lady, my cousin relative, i even don't know her name, and i don't know who she is. She suddenly ask 'when?' very rude, i more appreciated it if she asked 'hello how are you' or she introduce her self.

and later... i learn something. People who asking those question, is uneducated person, some of them not even going to school, not open minded, don't understand computer. They just don;t know how to use it right, also they don't know they being rude.

and people who ask nicely or even never asking bout it, yet asking about how have i been, how is my day, how is my work, all of them is educated person, went to university, have manner, polite, and kind.

It is really waste time to think why they ask this rude question and how deal with it. When they ask, my answer is simple "please pray for me" hehe (not really the right sentence when i translate it in english)

The best way to deal with it, is to focus on my life and ignore every non sense and negative comment, when i care or listen about it only 1 second, it is truly waste time, and would be bad 'food' for your mentally and spiritual life. Just ignore it!

One thing for sure... i would never do that! as far as i remember, i never asking those rude question 'when u will get married' or 'when u will have baby' this people choice! none of my business.

Thanks God i'm definitively not one of those people.

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Feb 08, 2016
People Don't Believe You NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a male and 33 and I have a girlfriend. We've been together for six years, no marriage, no kids. We don't need a piece of paper to say we love one another and we're too selfish to have kids (the good selfish as in, we're not bringing a child into a world where we would be too busy to raise the child). I've never in my life wanted to be a father. I'm happy being an uncle and I love my friend's kids, that's my limit. I have strong family morals, but I am not a family guy and neither is my girlfriend. It drives me crazy when people ask me "when are we getting married" or say "You'll mature someday. You'll change your mind. You never know" She's incapable of having kids and we're not looking to adopt. And as for maturity, funny people say that when so many idiots out there have kids for tax purposes and are so irresponsible, it sickens me. I'm not saying every parent is like that, but if you seriously say getting married or having a kid is a sign of maturity, dream on, morons.

Apr 11, 2015
Info that make sense NEW
by: Sandra S. Parman

I really wish more people write about it. I really appreciate the post.

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Dec 29, 2011
When are you getting married NEW
by: Jamie

I hear you. I am sick of being asked the same stupid question when are you getting married. Some people have no tact. This is a perfect answer for a single person or a couple:


Sep 24, 2010
Why Do You Ask???
by: Anonymous

Rara Dahling, Another response when asked any rude question is, "Why do you ask?" the insensitive person usually figures out they have asked an inappropriate question and is left tongue tied - at that moment just smile sweetly and change the subject. Sir Guy of www.whatwomenneverhear.com offers young ladies and ladies of every age profound wisdom on attracting and keeping a worthing Husband. God Bless and Protect you Rara!

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