Too Many Guests At Baby Shower

I am throwing a baby shower for a friend and i am concerned with the guest list. I should say i am concerned with the number of people on the list. I have been told that it should be the same if not more than was on the list of the bridal shower i threw. That number was 70. Of the 70 invited, 18 RSVP'ed. A total of 30 people showed. I made food for 50 because i didn't know who would or would not show.

I am wondering if my friend is pushing the envelope by inviting so many people again. I am trying to budget this party since the bridal shower was very expensive. I am wondering is it wrong to discuss this with my friend to ask her to trim the list?

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Oct 02, 2015
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Oct 07, 2010
Too Many Guests?
by: Dandelion

If you are hosting the shower, the host decides how many guests she can comfortably accommodate.

When there is obviously a discrepancy between the size of the parties preferred by the hostess and the guest of honor, the hostess should pluck the new mom-to-be's elbow and say something along the lines of,

"I've been looking forward to having your baby shower in my home. I'm only set up to comfortably host 20 or 30 ladies. Would you think about it and decide the list of people you'd like to invite by next Wednesday?"

If the mom-to-be persists, suggest (gently insist) that other arrangements be made for the shower.

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