Truly inspired:)

by Cathy Rich



Hi Eunice,
first and foremost thank you so much for creating this website. I am so inspired:)Just two days ago, I prayed so that I can find some helpful tips about being an elegant woman. It's amazing how God answers our little prayers.. Back in Jakarta, my hometown, I used to attend grooming classes, called John Robert Power. But I am currently studying in Singapore and have not found one that suites my needs. Praise the Lord, for your website because you have provided some wonderful tips:) And it feels like reading a magazine., which is a good thing because some blogs/websites are too blunt and they did not provide complete information.

Btw, i clicked your link on daily devotional, and found that it's new creation church. I am grateful to know that, because I am a member of New Creation Church. Are you?:)

Oh and was wondering,do you have facebook? :) Nice to know you, Eunice. Jesus bless you!

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Apr 16, 2010
Eunice Replies
by: Eunice

Thank you so much for your testimonial. You are sweet.

When I'm in Singapore, I attend New Creation church. I'm currently in the States. It is a great church!

How long have you been attending? Do you serve in any ministries?

I have a Facebook page.

All the best to you, dearest Sister in Christ! :)

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